Services A-Z (173)


Add Static IP Request

Applications Manager (UC4) Support


Backup/Restore Request

Banner Access

Banner Enhancement/Maintenance Request

Banner Issue

Business Services Functional Support Request


Cabling and Wall Jack Requests

Calendar Issue

Calendar Request

Canvas 24x7 Support Request

Canvas Request

Citrix ShareFile Issue or Help

Citrix ShareFile Request

Classroom Lab Issue

Cloud Request - AWS Accounts

Cognos Access Request

Cognos Enhancement/Management Request

Cognos Issue

Computer Equipment Salvage Request

Configure New Computer


Degree Works Support

DocuSign Issue

DocuSign Request

Domain Name System (DNS) Change Request

Duplicate CWID Removal


Email Certificate Request

Email Issue

Email Request

ePrint Issue

EvaluationKit Issue

Event Support

Evisions FormFusion Issues

Evisions IntelleCheck Access


Faculty Services Self-Service Banner Request

File Storage Access Issue (Network Drive Issue)

File Storage Quota Request

Firewall Exception or Change Request

Forgot Username Request


Hardware/Software Issue

HPC Consultation Request

HPC: Application Installation Issue and Support

HPC: General High Performance Computing Case

HPC: Open OnDemand Support

HPC: Project Allocation Request (PI Proposals)

HPC: User Access Request (Students, Researchers)


Install a New Printer

Integration with Banner Feed Issue

Integration with Banner Request

IRSA: Cognos Data Report

IRSA: Data Coaching Request

IRSA: Data Research and Analytics

IRSA: External Public Request

IRSA: QuestionPro Survey Request

IRSA: Survey Approval Request

IRSA: Tableau Dashboard


Library Remote Access Issues

Login Issue

Login/User Account Request


Marketing / Communications Web Request

Mines Help Center: Report Issue

Mines Mobile App Issue

Mines Mobile App Suggestion or Request

Mines Website Issue

MultiPass Account Claim Issue


Network Connection & Access Issue

Network Port Activation

New OnBase Workflow Request

Non-HPC (RSS) Consultation Request


ODS Integration Issue

ODS Integration Request

Office Copier, MFP, or Printer Issues

Office Move

OnBase Document Request

OnBase Issues

OrePrint / OreCopy / WebPrint Issue

OrePrint Request

Other 3rd Party Application


PCI | Internal Change to CDE

Phishing Issue

Poster Printing Request

Project Request

Purchase a Computer for Personal Use

Purchase a New Printer

Purchase School Computer


Remove Static IP Request

Report BlasterBot Issue

Report Telephone Spoofing (Vishing Attacks)

Request OnBase Access

Research: New Orebits Share

Research: Orebits Share Modification

Research: Visualization Consultation Request

Reset Password Issue


Telecom Service Request

Telephone Issues

Trailhead Feature or Portlet Suggestion

Trailhead Issue


Urgent: Classroom Down

Username Change Request


VDI Support / Help With Virtual Desktop

Virtual Labs (VL) Support

Virus/Malware Removal


VPN Issue


Web Application Issue

Web Application Request

Web Certificate Request

Website Suggestion or Request

Wireless Guest Request

Workday Login Issue


Zoom Webinar Request