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Service Description

What is OrePrint? OrePrint is the mobile printing system that ITS has implemented found throughout campus. WebPrint is one option for utilizing OrePrint, where you can upload documents over the web and send them to our stations for releasing through your OrePrint account. 

This specific service is intended for reporting issues with OrePrint, so if you'd like to get help with any difficulties you may be having with a specific station or set up, you're in the right place!


Students, Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

Paper is installed in printers twice a week. toner is monitored continuously.


Access to the Mines OrePrint systems require a current Mines MultiPass account as well as network connectivity. Funds are allocated per semester and may be added through the OrePrint account page, as well as by visiting the Mines Service Center in CTLM or the Circulation Desk in Arthur Lakes Library.

Service Charges

While use of the OrePrint service carries per page charges (see our OrePrint Knowledge base article for current pricing), there is no charge for request help or support through this specific Oreprint / Web Print service.


Requesting the Service

Need Help? you can submit a ticket by using the "Report Issue" button located on this page here in Mines Help Center.

Alternatively, If you'd like to suggest a new location or request a new station for your area, please visit our Request Page.

Support can also be requested by visiting the Mines Service Center (MSC) or calling x2345 or 303-384-2345 during MSC staffed times. In this case, a Student Consultant will take your information.


To get started using any of the existing stations, visit oreprint.mines.edu

In addition, we've built self-service information that can be found in our Mines Help Center knowledge base, where new information is always being added! For Oreprint-specific documentation, have a look at these articles: 

How to Use OrePrint

OrePrint Locations

Report Issue

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