Digital Signage Request

Service Description

Campus digital signage options vary, but have the following common functionality:

  • The capacity to display event notifications, campus public service announcements, deadline reminders, feeds, meeting room updates and other relevant content on television screens.
  • The ability to display multiple content areas on one sign in order to present different types of information at once on each display.
  • The ability to remotely change the content of each display on the network, either independently or as a group from a wireless connection.

This service request is received by Marketing and Communications in collaboration with ITS – use it to request help, content, set up, or permissions.


Mines departments, offices and registered student organizations may place messaging on the digital signage (flat-screen TV monitors) in several buildings around campus.

Service Levels

Maintenance updates and outages will be scheduled and announced in advance.


Please read the following policy before submitting your request. Requests will be reviewed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  1. The available display period spans up to two weeks per graphic. 
  2. Only Mines-related events, programs and information may be promoted.
  3. No offensive or obscene imagery is permitted. The display moderators reserve the right to reject submissions.
  4. Submissions that do not meet the media format and file resolution requirements below will be rejected.

Picture:  only .jpg

Video: .mpg or .mov

Note: If you are exporting the graphics from PowerPoint, be sure to build the slides in the “Widescreen (16x9)” format. This ensures the file is made into the correct resolution size. This setting can be found in PowerPoint under the “Design” tab; on the far right of the window, click the “Slide size” option and choose “Widescreen (16x9)”.

File Resolution

Video and picture submissions must fit 16x9 resolutions up to but not greater than 1920x1080.

Service Charges

Monthly services charges may apply for this service in addition to the equipment purchase.

Requesting the Service

To submit a signage request, you may submit a new Mines Help Center ticket using the "Submit Request" button located on this page. For issues related to digital signage, please use the Digital Signage Issue Service, rather than this Request service. If you aren't sure if you should choose a "Request" or "Issue," ask yourself: "is something broken or not working as expected?" If you answered NO to this question, you're in the right place! If you answered YES to that question, the Issue Service is the fastest way to get help! See our Mines Help Center Knowledge base for more help!

Display locations for signage submissions include 44* screens around campus.


For Mines branding considerations when designing content for digital signs or any other material, please refer to this Mines Branding Guidelines page. 

Self-service information can be found in our Mines Help Center Knowledge base as well as the ITS website.


*Current number may vary (typically climb) as time passes.


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