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Is your issue with something IT-related that is broken or not working as expected? We have a service for that! Submit a ticket now using this I Need Help option! Want to know the difference? See below for more details. 

Service Description

Use this service when you need to submit an IT-related request, but don't see a service option listed in Mines Help Center that fits the description of the service that you need from ITS.

Alternatively, if something is not working properly or you're experiencing an unexpected interruption to one of our services, the best way to get you help is to Report the Issue with the I Need Help ticket, which designates the ticket as Something that went wrong versus a request for something from ITS, that this option creates. The nuance is slight but helps get things to the place to help you as fast as possible!

Request IT Help!


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Wed 4/10/19 4:40 PM
Thu 10/14/21 2:15 PM