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Support issues directly related to Application Manager (UC4).

Something isn't working with Canvas. This request will put you in direct contact with Instructure, the Canvas vendor. This same contact ability is also available from within the Canvas application, using the Help button.

Request help or feature support from Mines resident Canvas resources, which may include help from the Trefny Innovative Instruction Center as well as ITS.

Something is broken or not working in a computer lab.

Request new or modified Cognos access.

Request an enhancement or report a problem with a Cognos report.

Report a problem when running a Cognos report.

Cybersecurity Issues can relate to any aspect of Information Security at Mines: From technical solutions to forensic analysis of suspicious activities to policies to investigating any other case compromising security or institutional data put at risk. Use this service to report any issues of this nature or have a similar concern addressed.

The Office of Information Security within ITS works with the campus community to increase the security of the campus information infrastructure, including the data network and connected hosts. Use this service to contact the CISO if you have thoughts, ideas, or other requests you'd like to share.

Degree Works is an online advising tool to help monitor students’ progress toward degree completion.

Access for Downloadable Software Products.

DUO FOBs allow for use of multi-factor authentication (MFA), sometimes called two-factor authentication, which requires the use of a physical device in addition to a password when logging into an account. Without both factors – the device and the password – you cannot log in. To report lost / stolen devices or if you need a temporary bypass, please use the MFA Issues Form.

Service for removing an errant duplicate CWID from Banner and other Mines' systems.

Request a certificate that declares your emails are certified to be from you.