Installation or Upgrade of Computer Software Request

Service Description

Request to install an approved software title or upgrade on your Mines computer. Some titles are licensed under an institutional or enterprise license. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the requestor to make the purchase and secure the licensing. In most cases, ITS will be able to download the software for installation.

This service includes upgrades to existing products such as Office and Windows, and upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 10.


Students, Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

Full support is provided for school-owned computers, though the support in many cases may be provided using remote administration tools. Students may bring their computer to the Mines Service Center (MSC) for assistance. Support is provided in terms of advice and guidance. Installations on personally owned faculty and staff computers will also be supported in terms of advice and guidance.

Software is not installed in classrooms/labs during the semester. Software for labs must be requested in Spring for Fall semester and in Fall for Spring semester.


In addition to having appropriate licenses in place, all software must be reviewed annually. This process starts with the Software Acquisition Process and then subsequently with the Software License Renewal Request. and its use must comply with the terms of the license agreement. In cases where ITS does not have a copy of the license agreement, it is the responsibility of the requestor to obtain it and assert compliance. If you have questions on which service is most appropriate, we have built this Knowledge base article to help determine "Which Software Service / Request is right for me?"

Service Charges


Requesting the Service

Support can also be requested by visiting the Mines Service Center (MSC) or calling x2345 or 303-384-2345 during MSC staffed times. In this case, a Student Consultant will take your information.


Further guidance may be found in the software category of our Knowledge Base.

Which Software Service / Request is right for me?

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