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Service Description

Report issues with wired or wireless network connections.


Mines faculty, staff, and students, and others with campus roles requiring wired network access.

Service Levels

Wired Networking
Port-activation requests are generally completed within one business day. While no specific service-level agreement exists for the wired network, ITS will work to quickly address any performance issues.

Wireless Networking
Wireless access is provided in these outdoor locations:

  • The Welcome Center
  • Spruce Hall
  • The Courtyard of 1750 Jackson
  • The Student Center
  • Elm Patio
  • Intramural Fields


Wired Networking

Wired-networking services are available throughout the Mines campus, in all academic buildings, administrative buildings, residence halls, and apartments. Available speeds range from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps, depending on service location. ITS provides network-configuration assistance and troubleshooting of existing network connections.

Custom networks can also be designed for clients needing moderate to high levels of network isolation, security, or performance.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is available in all academic and administrative buildings, residence halls and apartments. All buildings support 802.11ac wireless networking on both 2.4Ghz and 5.2Ghz bands. There are 3 wireless networks available for general use:

  • Mines – Unencrypted wireless networking for faculty, staff, and students
  • Mines-Guest – Unencrypted wireless for guests of the Mines community.  Basic web, e-mail, and VPN access is provided to everyone.
  • eduroam – Encrypted wireless networking for Mines faculty, staff and students as well as guest access for affiliates of institutions who are members of eduroam.

Service Charges

Free usage. Installation of new data cables have associated charges. Creation of custom data networks may also incur an additional charge.

Requesting the Service

Network configuration or troubleshooting assistance can be requested via the "Report Issue" button on this page. Support can also be requested by visiting the Mines Service Center (MSC) or calling x2345 or 303-384-2345 during MSC staffed times. In this case, a Student Consultant will take your information.


To register a device for a dynamic IP address for a device that does not have a built-in web browser, you may complete the manual registration form here:

To request a static IP address, visit

For more information about wired-networking, visit for more information.

For additional documentation needs, you may also directly contact the Network Team via email at

Report Issue

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