Alumni E-mail Access Request For Previous Graduates

Service Description

If you are a Mines alumna/alumnus AND do not currently have Mines e-mail access, use this service to request an Alumni E-mail Account be created.

If you recently graduated or are about to graduate, AND have active Mines e-mail access, do NOT use this service -- you're existing e-mail account will automatically be transitioned to an Alumni e-mail account once the Registrar inactivates your student status.




IT staff will validate eligibility based on the information collected during the request process.

Service Charges

Free of charge for eligible Mines alumni.

Requesting the Service

Submit your request using the "Request Alumni Email Access" button located on this page.

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Service ID: 48014
Mon 12/21/20 1:07 PM
Fri 3/8/24 4:40 PM