Security Camera Operator Request
2.1 Internal requests for access to the video recordings will be reviewed and approved by the Director of Public Safety, or his/ her designee. All requests will be processed through the
Request for SCS Operators Form.
2.2 When an incident is discovered, the personnel responsible for the Security Camera Policy area in question may request Public Safety to review the images from the camera. As circumstances require, the Director of Public Safety may authorize others to review images. Video recordings held for review will be maintained in their original form pending resolution of the incident. Recording media will be released for erasure, copied for authorized law enforcement agencies, or retained in accordance with applicable law and Mines’ policy.
2.3 Third-parties requests for access to recordings or related materials, through a subpoena or under a Colorado Open Records Act (“CORA”) request, must be referred to the Office of General Counsel for review and response.
2.4 Personnel are prohibited from using or disseminating information acquired from Mines’ Security Cameras, except for official purposes. All information and/or observations made in the use of Security Cameras are considered confidential and can only be used for official Mines’ business, law enforcement, and/or criminal investigation purposes upon the approval of the Director of Public Safety.
2.5 Security Cameras will not be utilized to conduct personnel investigations, such as those related to (but not limited to) work place attendance or work quality. However, the University may utilize routine Security Camera recordings in support of disciplinary proceedings against employees and/or students, or in a civil suit or other proceeding involving person(s) whose activities are shown on the recording and relate to the proceeding.
2.6 Security Camera access will be reviewed by the Director of Public Safety on an annual basis.
2.7 Any unauthorized access, including the inadequate protection, inappropriate use, disclosure, or disposal of live or recorded images must be reported immediately to the Director of Public Safety, who will report privacy incidents to Information Security and Compliance and Policy.

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