Firewall Exception or Change Request

Service Description

Due to security vulnerabilities, there may be an associated need to change settings in the firewall that protect Mines' computing resources.  This service is the way to request those changes and have the changes reviewed by the ITS Security team before implementation.


Faculty, Staff


Customers making the request must provide the appropriate information so a decision can be made and that decision can be implemented.

Service Levels

Reviews and approvals will need to be completed prior to implementation, which is subject to resourcing availability.

Requesting the Service

To get started with this service, use the Submit Firewall Request button located on this page, complete all required fields, including any required documentation. 


Additional information can be found in our Knowledge base, specifically this Log4j article for gathering the required information for Non-ITS system owners.

For firewall connections related to VPN use, please refer to this VPN / Global protect article

Submit Firewall Request

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