Computing Account Termination Request

Service Description

After employees, students, and affiliates leave Mines, their Mines computing access is disabled during a regular ITS review process. (Student accounts are reviewed after census day during Fall and Spring semesters.)

Supervisors may facilitate disabling computing account access for a separated employee. The request may include instructions for things such as: (a) access to files, email messages, voicemail messages;  (b) what to do with future email messages (e.g., send an "away" message to senders); (c) how to reassign the telephone extension; etc.

NOTE: If your request does NOT include any things like (a), (b), or (c) above related to your former employee, you do NOT need to submit a Computing Account Termination Request. (Review the questions in the form to help determine if you have need to submit a request.) Based on separation information submitted to MAPS/HR, ITS's regular processes will identify, disable, and cleanup former employees' access.

For Supervisors looking to facilitate disabling department/job specific access (e.g., access to departmental shared directories; Banner Admin access; etc.) for an employee changing to a new job and/or department within Mines, or changing roles (e.g, employee to student), please use this service, and select "Changing Department, Role, or Job".

NOTE: Supervisors also need to notify MAPS/HR of employee separations through the HR employee separation process.

NOTE: If access is needed beyond the former employee's contract end date (or custom role) the supervising or sponsoring department must either have a new contract in place before the end date for the previous contract or an active custom role in place. Academic departments may contact Academic Affairs to request account extensions via a custom role. Other departments may submit requests via the Custom Role (Affiliate) Account/Access Request service.


Faculty, Staff.

Service Charges

No charge to users for this service.

Requesting the Service

Request a Mines computing account or specific access to be disabled by using the Submit Request button located on this page.

Please submit separate requests for each separated Mines computing user.

Support can also be requested by visiting the Mines Service Center (MSC) or calling x2345 or 303-384-2345 during MSC staffed times. In this case, a Student Consultant will take your information.

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