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Service Description

ITS provides computing support to students, faculty, and staff. Standard support is provided for Mines-owned computer hardware and software connecting to core Mines resources and Limited Support for all other devices as described below. Remote support may be provided by telephone, email, or remote-login technology. Purchasing advice and assistance is provided. Assistance in breaking down equipment and setting up equipment is provided during office moves.

For devices that do not meet the criteria below, including personally owned devices, Limited Support is available to the extent it is used for school business or purposes. Support for enterprise-wide services such as wired and wireless networking, email, the campus web presence, and network-based applications may be provided by other groups within ITS.

To ensure stability and security in the Mines computing environment, there are minimum requirements that must be met to connect to core Mines computing resources, and there may be additional requirements for other services. The User Support team uses the following attributes to determine if a device qualifies for standard support. Those that do not meet these guidelines and personally owned devices will receive limited or “best effort” support as described below.

Standard support is provided for devices using the following criteria:
• Mines-owned
• Age is five years old or less
• Warranty status is active
• The degree to which it differs from the standards
• Obsolescence (Can it run the current OS? Does it have the required hardware e.g., TPM 2.0 chip.)

Limited or “Best Effort” support is provided for hardware that does not meet the criteria above. Best effort support means the support engineer will troubleshoot for up to one hour to resolve the issue preventing access to core Mines resources. If the support engineer is unable to resolve the issue after one hour (or less if the support engineer determines additional time will not be fruitful) the support engineer will discontinue troubleshooting. NOTE: Personally owned devices and devices not purchased by Mines will receive limited “best effort” support connecting to core Mines resources.


Support for foreign-language systems is not available. Service is limited to the geographic campus and Mines Park. There is limited or no support for products and services no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Service Charges

While support itself is free, new equipment, replacement parts, extended warranties, and software must be purchased by each department or user except for Campus-wide software such as Office, Matlab, LabView that are purchased by ITS or Tech Fee. At times ITS may have available suitable surplus parts that will be provided at no cost.

Requesting the Service

Report the issue by clicking the "Report Issue" button on this page. Please include a description of the problem, error messages if applicable, and complete contact information. Urgent issues resulting in a work stoppage should be noted in the service request.  Requests requiring more information will be returned to the user. Once sufficient information is gathered, the service request will be assigned to a Service and Support Engineer who will arrange a service call.

Support can also be requested by visiting the Mines Service Center (MSC) or calling x2345 or 303-384-2345 during MSC staffed times. In this case, a Student Consultant will take your information.


Self-service information can be found starting at the ITS homepage http://its.mines.edu/


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