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Service Changes

Note that we have recently changed how Adobe products are supported and requested. To assist with the process, we have updated our Adobe Help Article, which may be helpful to read in advance. You may also call 303-278-HELP (xHELP) if you have questions you'd like answered before submitting a ticket.

Service Description

Use this service to request a new Adobe product license through our Mines Annual Subscription. For installation of an Adobe license you already have or recently purchased, you should use this Software Installation Request option for the fastest service.


Students, Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

Requests for this service typically require obtaining a quote from CDW-G, which may take several days at times. Upon purchase, licenses need to be allocated and assigned, which can take additional time (2-3 days on average) on top of the quote and purchase period.

Note: After the assignment, the installation of the software may require additional time based on scheduling.


New user or device licenses for Adobe products require a purchase. The price will vary based on the product/suite and the time of the request since quotes are prorated based on our Mines Annual Adobe subscription. Purchases can be completed using a Mines department (Workday) "worktag" or through traditional credit card/OneCard options.

Requesting the Service

To get started with a new request, locate and use the "Submit Request" button located on this page within Mines Help Center.

Additional support can also be requested by visiting the IT Service Desk or calling xHELP or 303-278-HELP.


Self-service information can be found in our MInes Help Center knowledge base. For specific information regarding Adobe including a list of Adobe products, please see our Adobe Knowledge article in Mines Help Center. 

Adobe has regularly updated information located on their Adobe help center site. Product and purchase details can also be found on our reseller's website CDW-G online.

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This article provides information and self-help options for accessing Adobe products at Mines. This includes help for different license options purchased previously, which may not be officially supported any longer, as well as support options through Adobe directly.


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