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Service Description

This service is intended for reporting issues and requesting support with the Laptop Check-out kiosks, located in Brown Hall and Arthur Lakes Library. No reservation or ticket is required for using the kiosks, as they operate on a first-come, first-serve basis using your BlasterCard.

Computers are erased and re-imaged upon return so that no data is recoverable after returning the device.


Students, Faculty, Staff

Service Levels

  • All requests are subject to availability and equipment functionality.
  • Equipment is available only for short-term loans. Longer-term loans are not available through this service. 
  • Equipment is intended and provided for on-campus use. If you need to take equipment off-campus, you must make it known to ITS and have specific permission for each loan. If you are leaving the state or country with the equipment, which is not encouraged, you must provide ITS with detailed travel information as part of your request to travel with the equipment.
  • ITS Staff will not deliver, set up or pick up the equipment. Make sure to confirm building access prior to pick up, as well as considerations for travel time for your return time.
  • No additional adapters, cables, or power supplies are included with each laptop. 


A valid Mines BlasterCard is required for using the Laptop Kiosks and will be needed when checking out the equipment.

Service Charges

No cost for the equipment loan. Charges may be imposed for equipment damage, abuse, or late returns.

Requesting the Service

Visit the Laptop Kiosk in Brown Hall or Arthur Lakes Library to get started and to check out a laptop. For support or additional issues with the laptops, or to report an issue with the Kiosks, use the "Report Issue" button located on this page to get a ticket created. 

Please note that while one of the Kiosks is located in the Library, the checkout system itself is separate from the Library circulation equipment and associated reservation system. For in-person help with the kiosk in the Library, visit the Mines Service Center Satellite location, which is staffed by ITS Student consultants during regular semester hours of operation. 

Additional support can be obtained by visiting the Mines Service Center (MSC) in person or calling 303-384-2345 (x2345) during normal hours of operation.


Additional information regarding our Laptop Checkout process can be found in our Knowledge base, including specific Terms of Use for the use of the Laptops, as well as Frequently Asked Questions that we've compiled and update periodically regarding the Loaner program. Additional general support and department information can be found on the ITS homepage

For more information regarding the Library's equipment available for check-out, visit the Arthur Lakes Library web site

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