Username Change Request

ITS processes username changes for members of the Mines community who have had a legal name change, and sometimes for individuals with special or extenuating circumstances. (A username change after a name change is not required, nor is it automatic.)

Your Mines username (login ID for computing services) is based on your name. And your campus email address is tied to your Mines username. (If your username is changed, your email address also changes. If you want a different email address, your username must be changed.)

While it is technically possible, there are quite a few issues to changing a username:

  • We currently do not have an automated username change process.
  • Because it is a manual process, it can be problematic and is error prone.
  • Changing a username is a time consuming process for the user and for multiple (5-8) system administrators. (After a username change, the old email address will continue to work for 30 days. One of the user's responsibilities is to notify his/her/their contacts of the new email address.)
  • Due to vendor issues we are transitioning to a new Identity and Access Management system. Rather than put time towards automating username changes with our current Identity and Access Management system, we are focusing on moving to a new system. (We do not currently have a time frame for this.)
  • Due to the difficulty of the procedure and staffing limitations, at this time, username/email address changes for people who have not had a legal name change -- that is, for special or extenuating circumstances -- are decided on a case-by-case basis and as time permits.
  • Scheduling for username changes for people with legal name changes takes priority over those for people without legal name changes.

To request that your Mines username be changed, please start by selecting the Submit Request button.

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