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Add Static IP Request

Static IP addresses are needed for certain equipment

Applications Manager (UC4) Support

Support issues directly related to Application Manager (UC4).

Apply for Campus One Card

The Colorado School of Mines One Card is a Visa Procurement card issued through US Bank.

Arthur Lakes Library Questions

For Library related questions, please visit the Arthur Lakes Library website or submit questions via the Ask A Librarian form.

Audio Visual & Classroom Technology/AV Request

A/V Requests related to instructional technology in classrooms, including but not limited to temporary or permanently set up multimedia equipment. ITS installs and supports classroom podiums that provide control of LCD projectors, document cameras, and presentation computers in select classrooms across campus, as well as security cameras.

Audio Visual (AV) & Podium Issues

Report (non-Urgent) Issues related to instructional technology in classrooms


Backup/Restore Request

ITS maintains disaster-recovery backups of ITS-managed institutional servers.

Banner Access

Request new or different levels of access to Banner.

Banner Enhancement/Maintenance Request

Request projects to enhance or maintain Banner usability and functionality

Banner Issue

Request help with problems or issues with Banner


Cabling and Wall Jack Requests

Request an estimate of cost or request new wiring in support of both networking and telephone.

Calendar Issue

Submit an issue regarding an existing Exchange or Office 365 calendar.

Calendar Request

Submit a request for a new shared calendar or to add people to an existing shared calendar.

Canvas 24x7 Support Request

Something isn't working with Canvas. This request will put you in direct contact with Instructure, the Canvas vendor. This same contact ability is also available from within the Canvas application, using the Help button.

Canvas Request

Request help or feature support from Mines resident Canvas resources, which may include help from the Trefny Innovative Instruction Center as well as ITS.

Classroom Lab Computer or Lab Printer Access Request

Request access to technology in a specific classroom.

Classroom Lab Issue

Something is broken or not working in a computer lab.

Cognos Access Request

Request new or modified Cognos access.

Cognos Enhancement/Management Request

Request an enhancement or report a problem with a Cognos report.

Cognos Issues (Errors)

Report a problem when running a Cognos report.

Computer Equipment Salvage Request

This service is for picking up old or unwanted computer equipment.

Computer Software Installation or Upgrade

Request for a new Software Install or Upgrade. This includes upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Computing Account Termination Request

Supervisors may facilitate disabling Mines computing account access for a separated employee, or an employee who is changing to a new job and/or department within Mines. The request may include instructions for things such as: (a) access to files, email messages, voicemail messages; (b) what to do with future email messages (e.g., send an "away" message to senders); (c) how to reassign the telephone extension; etc.

Configure New Computer

Let us set up and configure your new computer

Consultation with ITS Expert

I have an idea but I would like to talk to someone about it before I move forward.

COVID Health Screening Website/App | Feature Request

Submit your ideas for features for the COVID Health Screening Website/App

Create a Travel Expense Report for me

Request a Travel Expense Report be created for you or someone else who has Chrome River access.

Create a Travel Pre-Approval (Authorization)

A report requesting pre-approval for a future trip.

Create Travel Expense (TE) Report For Me

A Travel Expense Form (TE) is used to request reimbursement for individuals not in the Chrome River system, this can be non-employees, undergraduate students and more. These reimbursements should only be for travel-related expenses. This is a request for MAPS to create and submit a TE for you.

Create Voucher Reimbursement Report

A Voucher Reimbursement Request (VR) is used to document non-travel expenses paid out of pocket and request reimbursement for individuals, not in the Chrome River system, this can be non-employees, undergraduate students and more.

Custom Role (Affiliate) Account/Access Request

Request accounts/access for long-term guests and affiliates, or to temporarily extend access for an existing Mines computer user who does not have current student or employee status.

Cybersecurity Issue or Concern

Cybersecurity Issues can relate to any aspect of Information Security at Mines: From technical solutions to forensic analysis of suspicious activities to policies to investigating any other case compromising security or institutional data put at risk. Use this service to report any issues of this nature or have a similar concern addressed.

Cybersecurity Suggestion, Inquiry, or Request

The Office of Information Security within ITS works with the campus community to increase the security of the campus information infrastructure, including the data network and connected hosts. Use this service to contact the CISO if you have thoughts, ideas, or other requests you'd like to share.


Dependant Tuition Reduction

Dependents of eligible employees may attend the Colorado School of Mines at a reduced tuition rate.

Digital Signage Issues

Report digital signage issues when something is not working the monitors, content players, or other distribution of streaming media. Including monitors not syncing, broadcasting, or displaying content properly or any other unexpected disruption to the content management software.

Digital Signage Request

Request new digital signage set ups or content to be displayed on signs other than your own.

DocuSign Issue

Use this service to report an issue where DocuSign is not working as expected.

Downloadable Software Information

Access for Downloadable Software Products.


Email Certificate Request

Request a certificate that declares your emails are certified to be from you.

Email Issue

Something is not working as expected with email. If you can't log into email, use the Login Issue service.
...Email, SPAM filtering, sending or receiving email, Outlook (or other email client program), MailMan lists, aliases, distribution lists, etc.

Email Request

Request something new or different in terms of email access or accounts.
Request help configuring an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail.
Request a new email distribution list, MailMan list, or shared mailbox.

Employment Verification Request

Service for External Requests to Mines for Employment Verification

ePrint Issue

Report an issue when something is not working as expected with ePrint.

EvaluationKit Issue

Report issues with using the EvaluationKit service

Evisions FormFusion Issues

Issues regarding Evisions FormFusion

Evisions IntelleCheck Access

Issues regarding access to Evisions IntelleCheck


Faculty Services Self-Service Banner Request

The Mines Registrar's office can help with needs regarding Faculty Services in Banner.

File Share, Workstation, Printer Access Modification

Request access be granted or removed from department drive or file shares, groups, workstations, or printers.

File Storage Access Issue

Report an issue accessing your mines file storage, including missing file shares, or trouble restoring a file share.

File Storage Quota Request

Use this service to request an increase in the limit for your Mines Shared Drive, also known as your file storage quota.

Financial Aid Questions

For Financial Aid related questions, visit the Financial Aid Office website or send email.

Forgot Username Request

Forgot your Mines username? If you've already run account claim or were assigned a Mines username (used for logging into Mines computing services), we can look it up!


Graduate Student Contract Submissions

MAPS is modifying the graduate student contract submission process. Select this service for more details.

Graduate Studies Questions

For Graduate Studies related questions, visit the Graduate Studies website or send email via ...


Hardware/Software Issue

Something isn't working with a computer, peripheral, or a program.

How to Change or Segment Your Direct Deposit

Instructions and resources for changing or segmenting your payroll direct deposit accounts.

How to Create or Change a PERA 457

A 457b plan is a supplemental retirement plan for employees who meet eligibility criteria.

How to Submit or Change a W-4

How to make changes to your W-4 Withholding. Please note all employees must complete their W-4 in person at MAPS.

HPC: Application Installation Issue and Support

Request HPC application-related support, such as installation, version upgrades and troubleshooting.

HPC: General High Performance Computing Case

Use this service to request troubleshooting and support for issues not specified elsewhere in this category.

HPC: Project Allocation Request (PI Proposals)

Request initial access to Wendian and/or AuN for your research group's project. Proposal must be filled out by PI.  The purpose of proposals is to obtain information vital to Mines' continued support of on-premise HPC platforms and to verify grant tracking procedures.

HPC: User Access Request (Students, Researchers)

Request access to HPC platforms: Wendian, AuN and/or Mio. If you are a student, your request must be accompanied by written approval from your PI. If you are a visiting professional or returning student, please submit the Custom Role Authorization form, and state your need for HPC access.


I am Experiencing Login or Access Issues with PageUp

I Don't See What I Need / I Have a Request Not Listed

Use this service when you need to submit a request to either Mines Administrative Processing Services (MAPS) or ITS, but don't see a service listed in Mines Help Center that fits the description of the service that you require.

I Have a Request Not Listed / I Don't See What I Need

Use this service when you need to submit an IT-related request, but don't see a service listed in Mines Help Center that fits the description of the service that you need from ITS.

Information Privacy Requests or Issues

This service is for any questions or concerns regarding the use, control or disclosure of personal information. This is not for technical requests for systems, but rather for questions, concerns, or incidents around privacy rights and related compliance requirements.

Install a New Printer

Use this service to request suppport with shared network printers or directly connected personal printers

Integration with Banner Feed Issue

Request help with integration of banner feed

Integration with Banner Request

Request an exchange (or feed) of data/integration with Banner and another application for the purposes of populating data.

IRSA: Cognos Data Report

Request a new cognos report or submit a suggestion for updating a current report.

IRSA: Data Coaching Request

Request assistance with your data needs.

IRSA: Data Research and Analytics

Request a data research or analytics project based on a question you are trying to answer using data.

IRSA: External Public Request

If you are one of our external partners, please use this form to request information about Mines.

IRSA: Qualtrics Survey Request

Request assistance with using Qualtrics Survey tool or survey development.

IRSA: Tableau Dashboard

Request a new dashboard or submit a suggestion for a current dashboard.

ITS Computing Account Transfer or Change

Use this service for employees who will be changing positions or transferring departments at Mines and need to have their account access changed to correspond with their new role, while also ensuring the access previously in place is removed, if appropriate.


Laptops to Go & Equipment Loans

ITS controls a fleet of Windows laptops available for checkout via the Mines Service Center (MSC).

Library Remote Access Issues

Request help with remote access to Library journals and databases.

Live Lecture Capture (LLC) Issue

Report an issue with Live Lecture Capture (LLC)

Login Issue

Having problems logging into a Mines computing service? (Trailhead, Email, Canvas, etc.)

NOTE: Trailhead access typically is not disabled (with email, ADIT, Canvas, etc.) after you leave Mines. Try logging in with your last known MultiPass password. If you are still having problems logging into Trailhead, use this service to report your problem.

If you are a returning user, and need your Mines computing access re-enabled, please submit a "Returning User Request" below.
If you forgot your Mines username, please submit a "Forgot Username Request" below.

Login/User Account Request

To submit general login questions or request login access for various Mines computing services. Such as, but not limited to: login access for Mines Help Center, local admin login for desktops, Scantron scanning, Email Display Name Change.


MAPS Travel FAQ's | Will my travel be reimbursed if it was cancelled due to Coronavirus?

It depends. See following scenarios for answers & details.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools/VMAP Issue

Use this service to report an issue with Microsoft Azure Dev Tools (Formerly Imagine) or VMAP. The Mines subscription gives students access to download select academic Microsoft software applications for free or at a reduced cost.

Microsoft Teams: Collaboration Support

Microsoft Teams at Mines lets faculty, staff, and students collaborate in a chat-centered environment. It’s part of your school-sponsored Office365 at Mines account.

Microsoft Teams: Telephone Audio Conferencing License Request

Up until October 16, 2020, Microsoft included a feature which allowed users to call into a Teams meeting using a telephone number. Use this service to request a license from Mines to re-enable this feature for your user account.

Mines Alert

To report an emergency, call 9-1-1. The Mines Alerts System keeps you informed in the event of a campus emergency. This system is an emergency notification service that allows university officials to quickly communicate emergency messages to students, faculty, and staff via cell phone text and voice messages, and on-campus email and phone messages.

Mines Facilities Management Work Order

For campus facilities-related issues visit the Facilities Management website or submit a work order request, using FAMIS.

Mines Help Center: New Enhancement, Feature, or Access

If you'd like to see something new in Mines Help Center or require additional new access to the software appliance, you may submit a ticket to contact the ITS system administrators for this service.

Mines Help Center: Report Issue

Something is not working as you'd expect with a Mines Help Center page, feature, or component.

Mines Mobile App Issue

Report an issue with the Mines Mobile App -- The 'M'.

Mines Mobile App Suggestion or Request

Suggest or request a new Mines Mobile App feature.

Mines Online Course Development Consultation

This service is used to determine if additional support is needed for materials and tools in the online environment.

Mines Service Center

IT starts here! Connect with Information & Technology Solutions in the way you want to get your support: in-person, over the phone, or right here in Mines Help Center with a Service Request.

Mines Service Center - Schedule Appointment

Use this service to schedule an appointment with an MSC consultant for remote support or our drop-off service using the "Zinnia" Lockers.

Mines Technology Museum

The Mines Technology Museum is a joint collaboration project between ITS and the Arthur Lakes Library, connecting technology from Mines' history to today's modern learning environment.

Mines Website Issue

Report a Mines Website issue.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - DUO Issue

An unplanned interruption to your Mines' Multifactor (also called 2-factor) Authentication experience, which can include issues with the Service Provide (DUO) directly or a lost/forgotten device.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - DUO Request

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes accounts more secure by requiring approval via a second method (generally a mobile phone) to log into particular, critical services. DUO is the system by which Mines allows for multi-factor authentication. To report lost / stolen devices or if you need a temporary bypass, please use the MFA Issues Form.

MultiPass Account Claim Issue

Service for New Mines Community Members that establishes Mines Multipass Account, which includes the username and password to log into most Mines systems. Use this service to report problems running account claim, to ask for your "account claim window" to be extended, or to ask about alternate usernames than are presented during account claim.


Network Connection & Access Issue

Report Networking Access or Connection Issue.

Network License Installation & Management

Installation and updates of network (floating or shared) licenses.

Network Port Activation

Request a Network Port Activation.

New OnBase Workflow Request

Use this service to request a new digital workflow for use with OnBase by Hyland.

New Software Purchase or Acquisition Request

Prior to purchasing or installing software, a review process is required to ensure that software used at Mines complies with a variety of Mines policies, requirements and best practices. Use this service to initiate that process. Please be prepared prior to starting the submission process, as the form requires specific pieces of information and can not be saved for retrieval and later edits.


Office Move

Request support for an upcoming office move involving telephone and/or technology equipment relocation.

Office of Research Administration (ORA) Questions

ORA partners with campus in all business and administrative needs of Mines sponsored research. For ORA related questions, visit the ORA website or send email via ...

Office Printer Issues

Report connectivity issue with Konica/Minolta Printing Service or other office printers.

Office/Office 365 Issues

Something is not working with a Microsoft Office product or Office365. Make sure to login as and not

OnBase Document Request

Use this service to request Document Management items in OnBase by Hyland (formerly BDM).

OnBase Issues

Use this service report any issues using the OnBase platform by Hyland.

OrePrint Issue

Report Issue with Oreprint Service or Station.

OrePrint Request

Request Oreprint Services or Supplies.

Other 3rd Party Application

Request support for a 3rd-party Business Service or Application not otherwise listed.

Other Application Service Request

Request ITS support for one of the following enterprise systems: AIM, ARMS, Beacon, Bright Horizons, Convercent, CRS, EAB, FAMIS, Fusion, Heartland, Key Systems, Lenel, MEA, MyPhoto, PageUp, StarRez, T2 Parking, TeamDynamix, and University Tickets.


Participant Agreement and Payment Request

The Participant Agreement and Payment Request Form is used to communicate general information and specific eligibility requirements to participants receiving a stipend allowance payment and any other type of financial support through a sponsored program.

Pay an Invoice

Submit invoices that are ready to be paid.

PCI | Adding a Person or Device for Credit/Debit Card Processing

PCI | Internal Change to CDE

The PCI cardholder data environment (CDE) is comprised of. people, processes, and technologies that store, process, or transmit cardholder data or. sensitive authentication data. Use this service to initiate the review process associated with a CDE change.

Phishing Issue

Report messages trying to steal your information or identity. (Do NOT use for general SPAM reporting)

Poster Printing Request

Request to print a poster using one of ITS's large format poster plotter printers located in the Mines Service Center main office in CTLM 156.

Project Assistance

Do you need help with a project? The PPM group is a resource to help you with all aspects of your projects.

Project Mgmt. Training

Classes are offered in Project Management and the TeamDynamix tool to increase the understanding of both the processes and tool and make people more effective in their use of them.

Project Request

Projects normally are started to address a business need or issue. They can be significant requests that will use substantial resources and time, like implementing a new application or system. They can also be smaller efforts to enhance or modify existing systems

Purchase a Computer for Personal Use

How to get educational discounts

Purchase a New Printer

Purchase a new office printer.

Purchase Adobe Software

How to acquire premium Adobe products

Purchase School Computer

Request a new purchase or support making a technology purchase.


Raise Your Hand | Student Technology

If you’re a student having persistent issues with your technology, raise your hand! This service is here for you to get the hardware assistance you need to continue your studies. Supplies are limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Reconcile One Card Charges for me in Chrome River

These reports are considered “Voucher/Procurement” in Chrome River and are used to document department expenditures paid for on a One Card.

Registrar's Office Questions

Use this service to connect with staff in the Registrar's Office to help you with your academic issues or inquiries such as enrollment verification letters, official transcript requests, registration help, graduation audits, and various academic forms.

Remove Static IP Request

Remove a previously assigned static IP address.

Report BlasterBot Issue

Use this service to report unexpected issues experienced using BlasterBot, the ITS chatbot powered by

Report Issue or Question with Leave Calendar

A service to report an issue or ask a question regarding the leave calendar or policies.

Report Issue or Question with Making a Payment to a Vendor or Person

Report Issue with Chrome River

Report Lost One Card

The required process to report a lost One Card.

Report Missing Timesheet in Trailhead

Request help for when your time-sheet in Trailhead is not visible.

Report Non-Editable Timesheet in Trailhead

Request help when you can see, but not edit your time sheet in Trailhead.

Report One Card Being Declined

Obtain an explanation and resolve your One Card declination.

Request a Non-Travel Reimbursement

Report used to document non-travel related out of pocket expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.

Request a University Gift Card

Gift cards are authorized only under certain conditions and can, therefore, be purchased by the MAPS department only through a Mines Help Center ticket request.

Request Adjustment to One Card

Some Cardholders have extenuating circumstances that require an adjustment to the standard One Card limits. Cardholders can request either general adjustments or an event exception.

Request Change to Leave Calendar

Change vacation days, sick days, or leave calendar approver.

Request Change to PERA 401k or Valic 403b

401(k) and 403b are retirement savings plans sponsored by Mines.

Request Employment Verification Letter

An employment verification letter is used to confirm a person's employment dates, salary, and job title.

Request for Chrome River / One Card Data

Request this service if you require an allocation table, list of outstanding items for an individual or department, or copies of processed Chrome River reports.

Request for Chrome River Access

Request this service for employees or graduate students who need to be activated or added to the Chrome River Software system.

Request Frosch Activation

Frosch is the Sanctioned Travel Agency for Mines

Request Individual Chrome River Training

Chrome River training specific to One Card or travel reconciliation.

Request OnBase Access

Use this service to request Access to the Hyland OnBase platform at Mines. Once the system is live, all requests will be facilitated directly through OnBase.

Request to make Changes to Employees in Chrome River

Changes in Chrome River can be made to update delegates, approval delegates, "reports to," and/or have charges re-assigned when necessary.

Request Travel Authorization (Pre-Approval)

A Travel Authorization (TA) is a report requesting prior authorization for a future trip which help Mines secure funding for travel expenses.

Research: Consultation Request

Request assistance with technology-related research needs.

Research: New Orebits Share

Request the creation of a new Orebits Share

Research: Orebits Share Modification

Request a modification to an existing Orebits Share

Reset Password Issue

MultiPass is the single master account for most major computer systems at Mines. If something is not working with a MultiPass, you may be able to recover your password yourself or report an issue for further support.

You may also report an issue for other non-MultiPass credentials that ITS helps manage.

Returning User Request

Users returning to Mines will need to submit a request with ITS in order to restore access to their account.

- If you are submitting this request on behalf of someone else, please include (in the Additional Information box below) a working, non-Mines email address for the returning person.
- If you are a former student or employee trying to access TAX FORMS via Trailhead, Trailhead access is typically NOT disabled after you leave Mines. Try logging into Trailhead with your username and most recent MultiPass password. If you are not able to log in, use the "Login Issue" service above (


Software License Renewal Request

Use this service to renew the license or licenses for existing software that was approved previously.

Something is Not Working but Not Sure What - I Need IT Help

Something is not working in the way I'd expect or I've experienced an interruption to an IT service.

Student Employee Account Request

Request a privileged account for a student employee.

Submit "Voucher Request" for Processing

Submit a Completed Travel Expense (TE) Report

This service is to submit a Travel Expense Report (TE) that I have already created for myself or someone else.

Submit a NEW Undergraduate Student Contract

For departments to submit new undergraduate student contracts.

Submit a REVISION to an Existing Undergraduate Student Contract

For departments to submit revisions to undergraduate student contracts.

Submit Payroll Reallocation / Redistrubution

Payroll Reallocation is used to specifically redistribute payroll charges for a specified pay period from one Index fund to another.

Submit Travel Authorization

A Travel Authorization (TA) is a pre-approval for future travel.

Surplus Computer Request

Used Mines computers in good condition will be reallocated without charge by ITS.


Telecom Service Request

Request voice conferencing, new telephone service or a phone-related change to existing service.

Telephone Issues

Report telephone related trouble

Trailhead Feature or Portlet Suggestion

Suggest a new feature or portlet to be added to Trailhead.

Trailhead Issue

Report a Trailhead issue.

Transaction Dispute / Report Fraud

Travel and Reimbursement - FAQs | Ask a Question

Ask MAPS a Travel and Reimbursement related question, or review frequently asked Travel and Expense questions.


Undergraduate Student Contract Termination

Allows for a department to terminate a current undergraduate student position in the system.

Urgent: Classroom Down

In the event of a computing problem affecting a class currently in session only, please call 2345 (303-384-2345) for fastest service.

Username Change Request

ITS processes username changes for members of the Mines community who have had a legal name change. (A username change after a name change is not required, nor is it automatic.) Username changes for people who have not had a legal name change -- that is, special or extenuating circumstances -- are decided on a case-by-case basis.


Vanpool Payroll Deduction | Commuter Choice Program

Employees who commute more than 15 miles to get to work can use vanpool, a low-cost program that provides vans, insurance and fuel for commuters to travel together to work.

VDI Support / Help With Virtual Desktop

Use this service for help with VDI/VTL offerings - particularly if you are using this in regards to a Mines Online course. Using a Virtual Desktop environment allows students to access and run specialized software they might not otherwise have access to on their personal computers.

Vendor Request

Used to establish or reestablish a vendor Campus Wide ID (CWID) for payments.

Virus/Malware Removal

Report a Virus/Malware infection


Request Voicemail Support, including password resets and mailbox issues.


Web Application Issue

Report an issue with a web application such as: Career Day Registration applications, Daily Blast, Excused Absence Reporting, Online Directory Search, Online PDF Directories, Pandemic Flu Reporting, Student Clearinghouse, Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting.

Web Application Request

Request a new web application or a change/addition to an existing web application to function within the Mines online environment.

Web Certificate Request

Use to create https secure web pages

Website Suggestion or Request

Suggest or request a new feature to be added to the Mines web site.

Wire Transfer Request

Bank wire transfers are used almost exclusively for international payments.

Wireless Guest Request

Submit A Request to Sponsor Wireless Guest Access for an Individual or Group


Zoom Video Conferencing Request

You do not need to request a Pro license for your Zoom account - Pro licenses are automatically applied after proper login.

Ask Zoom-related questions or request a specific Zoom set-up.

Zoom Web-based Conferencing Issue

Report Issue using the Zoom video conferencing platform on campus.

Zoom Webinar Request

A temporary Zoom site license is in place that offers all faculty, staff, and students features available to Licensed/Pro users. This will allow you to conduct meetings with up to 300 participants.