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Cell Phone Allowance Request

Create a Travel Expense Report for me

Create a Travel Pre-Approval (Authorization)

Create Travel Expense (TE) Report For Me


Dependent Tuition Reduction


Graduate Student Contract Submissions


How to Change or Segment Your Direct Deposit

How to Create or Change a PERA 457

How to Submit or Change a W-4


Participant Agreement and Payment Request

Pay/Reimburse Mines

Position Description Creation/Modification Review


Reconcile One Card Charges for me in Chrome River

Reissue or Void Payment

Report Issue or Question with Leave Calendar

Report Issue or Question with Making a Payment to a Vendor or Person

Report Issue with Chrome River

Report Lost One Card

Report Missing Timesheet in Trailhead

Report Non-Editable Timesheet in Trailhead

Request a Non-Travel Reimbursement

Request Change to Leave Calendar

Request Change to PERA 401k or Valic 403b

Request Employment Verification Letter

Request for Chrome River / One Card Data

Request for Chrome River Access

Request Frosch Activation

Request Individual Chrome River Training

Request to make Changes to Employees in Chrome River

Request Travel Authorization (Pre-Approval)

Routing and Approval Process for ALL Academic Faculty Forms/Changes


Secure | MAPS Secure Document Uploads

Separation Notice

Student Employee Evaluation Documents and EPAF Manual

Submit a Completed Travel Expense (TE) Report

Submit a NEW Undergraduate Student Contract

Submit a REVISION to an Existing Undergraduate Student Contract

Submit Payroll Reallocation / Redistribution

Submit Travel Authorization


Travel and Reimbursement - FAQs | Ask a Question


Undergraduate Student Contract Termination

University Gift Card and/or Merchandise Request


Vanpool Payroll Deduction | Commuter Choice Program