Mines Payments Service

What is it?

This single service is used to process most payments for the Colorado School of Mines. 

These payment types include:

  • Invoice Payments
    • Submit request for payment for a good or service provided where the vendor issued an invoice showing items ordered or services provided and contains a date and/or invoice number
  • Internal Payments Requests  (ISSV)
    • The department requesting payment should complete this form. Internal payments between departments for goods/services. This is different than moving an expense between campus departments. See Request a Journal Entry service for expense moves
  • Non-Invoice Voucher Payments
    • Use this service to request payment for non-invoiced situations such as registration fees, postage, deposits OR to request a reimbursement of a valid business expense
  • Honorariums
    • An honorarium is a payment in honor of service at an event, such as a speaker at an event. It is not an invoiced payment for services provided (workshop)
  • Awards

Who can use it?

Mines Staff, Faculty

Where to get it? / How to use it?

The Mines Payment service can be accessed by selecting the "Make a Payment" button. 

Follow the prompts in the form and attach all necessary information. 

Make a Payment


Service ID: 51146
Thu 4/7/22 12:15 PM
Wed 7/12/23 3:39 PM