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Dependents of eligible employees may attend the Colorado School of Mines at a reduced tuition rate.

MAPS is modifying the graduate student contract submission process. Select this service for more details.

Directory of forms used across all MAPS services.

It depends. See following scenarios for answers & details.

This single service is used to process most payments for the Colorado School of Mines including invoices, reimbursements, internal service payments, honorariums and awards.

The Colorado School of Mines One Card is a Visa Procurement card issued through US Bank. The Mines fuel credit card, known as the University Fuel Card, is to be used only by authorized Departments to purchase fuel & minor vehicle repairs for Mines-owned vehicles.

Workday is coming to Mines and we need your assistance with confirming employee data for the organizational charts in the new system.

The Participant Agreement and Payment Request Form is used to communicate general information and specific eligibility requirements to participants receiving a stipend allowance payment and any other type of financial support through a sponsored program.

This review will ensure appropriate titling and classification, allowing for benchmarking and internal equity reviews to take place to ensure adherence to Mines Compensation Philosophy and applicable rule and law.

A service to report an issue or ask a question regarding the leave calendar or policies.

Request help for when your time-sheet in Trailhead is not visible.

Request help when you can see, but not edit your time sheet in Trailhead.

Change vacation days, sick days, or leave calendar approver.