New Fabricated Equipment Project

What is it?

This service is used to request a tag number to track purchases that will be made for a fabricated project.  


Who Can Use it?

Mines Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students


More Information

Fabricated equipment is defined as an item of equipment that is built or assembled from individual parts by a PI with an aggregate cost of $5,000 or more AND will be in service for greater than one year once assembled (i.e. not blown up). When a completed item of fabricated equipment has met these criteria, the associated costs will not be assessed indirect costs.

An instance where components are simply connected together in a system, such as when individual computers and servers are joined to create a network, does not constitute a fabrication. Fabrication does not apply to swapping out parts on a completed piece of equipment. Standard items that are altered or customized to make them usable on a sponsored project do not qualify as fabricated property.  Only the costs of materials are included in the capitalized cost; salaries, wages, staff benefits, and indirect costs associated with the project are specifically excluded by CSM regulation.

Once this form is completed, the Controller's Office will respond with a tag # and spreadsheet for tracking expenses. Reference this tag # on the memo line of all supplier invoices and expense reports where purchases were made for the project.  Charge all fabricated components to the applicable worktag and use spend category 7909 for Mines Owned projects and 7427 for Sponsor Owned.

The Controller's Office will track all expenses referenced with the Fabricated Tag # and send periodic summaries of activity.

When the project is complete, please notify the Controller's Office, and the fabricated project will be added to the equipment catalog for depreciation and inventory tracking.

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