Pay/Reimburse Mines

What is it?

In the course of Mines business, it may be necessary to reimburse the university for unspent funds, accidental One Card/ Chrome River charges, administrative errors, or other charges. 

Please allocate your expense in Chrome River to a department operating index BEFORE you reimburse Mines. You will reference your Chrome River report number in the process and MAPS will apply your payment to the expense. DO NOT put personal charges on a driver worktag (grant index). 

This service allows for individuals to easily and quickly reimburse Mines. 

Who can use it?

Mines Staff, Faculty, Students

Where to get it?

Select the "Pay Mines" button on the top of the screen.  This should route you to:

How to use it?

Select Reimbursement Classification

This screen presents different repayment options.  Select the appropriate option based on the repayment type necessary. 

Screenshot of Cashnet Showing the Three options: Reimburse Mines' Accounts Payable, Return a Cash advance, and pay back a payroll overpayment.

Enter Identifying Information

  • Enter amount & personal info (name, CWID & email address).
  • If known, please enter the Chrome River Report ID Number.
  • Select "Add to Basket"

Screenshot of Cashnet for entering personal information.


  • Review the information you've submitted is correct.
  • Select "Checkout"

Screenshot of Cashnet Review Screen for Previous Selections

Payment Type Selection

  • Select your payment method. 
  • Select "Continue Checkout"

Cashnet screenshot prompt for Credit Card or Electronic Check Payment Methods

Enter Payment Information

Based on the payment type selection, you will be prompted to enter either your banking or credit card information.
Select "Continue Checkout"

Electronic CheckCashnet Screenshot showing the Electronic Check information submission screen
Credit CardCashnet Screenshot showing the Credit Card Payment Information Submission Screen

Review and Submit

  • Review Payment Information
  • Select "Submit Payment"

Cashnet Screenshot showing the Confirm Payment screen

Still Need Help?

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(303) 273-3166

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