Create Travel Expense (TE) Report For Me

What is it?

A Travel Expense Form (TE) is used to document travel expenses and request reimbursement for individuals not in the Chrome River system, this can be non-employees, undergraduate students and more. This form should only be used for travel-related expenses.

Who can use it?

Students and Individuals without Chrome River access.

Per diem references:

Official Continental US Per Diem Rates
Official Alaska, Hawaii, and US Possessions Per Diem Rates
Official International Travel Per Diem Rates

Where to get it? / How to use it?

Download the editable Travel Expense Form (TE) and attach it via the "Request Service" button.  Alternatively, you may complete the online form subsequent the "Request Service" button.

When requesting a Travel Expense Report (TE) make sure to include a list of all reimbursable expenses, travel destination, travel dates, the index being charged and the business purpose.  If there was a related TA please send that along with all receipts.

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