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Through this service, new and existing employees can securely upload new hire documents, benefit forms, and W-4 tax forms, etc., as well as their COVID Vaccine Card or Immunization Medical Exemption Form. To update or initiate direct deposit changes, visit How to Change or Segment Your Direct Deposit  for instructions. 

Please complete each form and follow the step-by-step instructions to upload the completed forms to the MAPS Employment Processing team.  

Once documents have been uploaded, the user will receive an email confirmation from the corresponding area.

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How to Use this Service

1. Go to the OnBase Portal

Select "Upload Your Documents" in the upper right corner of this page.
Alternatively, you can navigate directly to

2. Select the "Hamburger" / Three Line Icon on the Top Left

3. Select "Import Document"

4. Select the "Document Type"

Select "HR-COVID Vaccine Cards" to transmit your COVID Vaccination Card.

Select "HR-COVID Immunization Exemption Form" to submit a vaccination exemption request.

Select "HR-Employee Forms for Review" to transmit HR related forms.


5. Enter Your Campus Wide ID (CWID)

Once you've entered your CWID, the rest of your record will automatically populate.

If you are unsure of your CWID, you can find it in your welcome email from the MAPS Office.

6. Upload Documents Individually or by selecting "Browse..."

7. When the document(s) have been added, select "Import"

8. Your Document(s) are Successfully Imported

Check for the green "Imported Successfully" message.

You will also receive an email confirmation at your Mines email address.



Upload Your Document(s)


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