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Mines Administrative Processing Services - MAPS

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MAPS News and Hot Hints

Prohibition on Use of Certain Equipment / Services
The National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2019 prohibits the use of specific equipment and services. Compliance is vital as Mines can lose federal grants and contracts, even for the use of equipment purchased or received as part of a gift or donation.

For information on the prohibited manufacturers and service providers, required actions for Mines employees and One Card holders, and efforts undertaken by Mines, please review this notice from the Office of Compliance & Risk Management.
Reimbursements through the MAPS Portal
Do you need to Reimburse Mines?
Reimbursements to Mines can now be submitted through the MAPS online portal at maps.mines.edu . You no longer need to come to campus or mail a check. Your online reimbursement can be completed very quickly, and in just a few steps. 
  1. Go to maps.mines.edu
  2. Click on "Pay Maps" and Choose the appropriate option
  3. Enter amount & personal info (name, CWID & email address). There is also an option for the Chrome River report number (if known). Click on "Add to Basket"
  4. Review, then click on “Checkout”
  5. Select how you want to submit your payment. Electronic check is preferred if you know your
Routing & account number. Otherwise, credit card is fine.
  1. Fill out Banking or credit card information and click on “Continue Checkout”
  2. Review payment information and click on “Submit Payment”
Read our full step-by-step instructions, which can also be found in the MAPS Forms Directory.
For additional information or help please email maps@mines.edu or call (303) 273-3166.

Allowing Others to Use Your One Card is a Violation of Terms
Friendly reminder:  The only authorized One Card account user is the person whose name is printed on the card.  The Cardholder Responsibilities in the One Card Handbook (Pg. 5) states the following:
Protect the card at all times to prevent unauthorized use.  Do not share or authorize others to use the card.  Take immediate action if the One Card is compromised in any way.
Allowing others to use your One Card is a direct violation of the Cardholder Responsibilities, and will result in a violation resulting in points being deducted.

Acceptable One Card Documentation
Much of our campus ordering is being completed over the phone or via the Internet due to remote working conditions.  Consequently, we are seeing an increase in missing or unacceptable documentation for One Card purchases.  Please note that all source documentation must include the following information:
  • Vendor identification (merchant name)
  • Date of purchase
  • Description & quantity of each item purchased
  • Cost per item
  • Total cost of order
  • Cardholder name &/or last 4 digits of card number
A combination of documents is allowed in order to meet these requirements.  Examples of source documents may include any of the following or combination of the following:
  • A receipt and credit card transaction slip from the merchant
  • A packing slip showing total cost of order &/or item cost
  • Order forms for dues, subscriptions, registrations, or similar items
  • Vendor invoice
  • An email confirmation from the merchant

Mines Administrative Processing Services (MAPS) is the one-stop shop for key administrative processes for the Mines campus community.  

Our services include: accounts payable, travel, reimbursements, One Card administration, payroll, and HR transactions.

With the goal of improving overall efficiencies, MAPS will continually evaluate and assess administrative processes while providing a high level of customer service.

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