Submit Payroll Reallocation / Redistribution

Our commitment in the MAPS Office is to process all Payroll Redistributions the month that it is received.  Please allow us until the month closes to review your reports.  This is due to a very limited window of time to process your reallocation.  Please note that incorrect/incomplete information may cause delays.

What is it?

A Payroll Reallocation is used to specifically redistribute payroll charges for a specified pay period from one Worktag to another.

Who can use it?

Mines Faculty, Staff

Where to get it? / How to use it?

Download and complete the Excel Payroll Redistribution Form.  For additional instructions and glossary of terms used, please reference the "Instructions" page within the Excel document. 

Upon completion of the Excel Payroll Allocation Form, attach it by selecting the "Submit Reallocation" button. 

Submit Reallocation


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