One Card Services

What is it?

This single service is used to process most service requests associated with the Mines One Card and the Mines Fuel Card.

The One Card and Fuel Card are the property of the Colorado School of Mines and must be used in accordance with all Financial Policies, Procurement Rules, and as defined in the One Card Handbook.

Who can use it?

Mines Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students


These Service Requests include:

One Card / Fuel Card Application Request

o The Colorado School of Mines One Card is a Visa Procurement card issued through US Bank. This card can be used to purchase low-dollar items (maximum $4,999) intended for school use. The authorized cardholder is able to purchase directly on behalf of Mines, thereby allowing Tax-Exempt status.

o The Mines Fuel Card program is offered as a low-risk option to pay for fuel and approved minor vehicle repairs for Mines-owned vehicles. Fuel cards may be assigned to a vehicle or a work group and checked out to employees that have completed the required training.


Request Adjustment to One Card:

o Some cardholders have extenuating circumstances that require an adjustment to the standard One Card limits. Cardholders can request general adjustments or an event exception.

§ General Adjustments are a change of the One Card’s single purchase or monthly credit limits, a change in department, or a change of direct supervision.


Transaction Dispute/Report Fraud/One Card Declined Transactions:

o Suspected Fraud: Immediately call US Bank at 800-344-5696 to report

o One Card Declined Transactions: To obtain more information regarding the decline of a One Card transaction, contact the One Card Administrator or call US Bank Customer Service at 800-344-5696.

Common reasons for a declined transaction are:

· The cardholder did not activate the card

· The cardholder has reached either the single item or monthly credit limit

· The Merchant Code (MCC) is blocked

· A Billing Address, Expiration Date or Verification Code (CVV) error

o Disputed Charges

§ If the Cardholder has been charged incorrectly, the transaction should be disputed. The Cardholder should first work with the merchant directly to see if they will help resolve the situation. If the vendor is not willing to work with the Cardholder, a formal dispute should be recorded with the bank. Disputes should be used in the following scenarios:

· Unauthorized charges, including unauthorized phone or mail order charges

· The difference in dollar amount authorized as opposed to the amount charged

· Duplicate charges

· Account not yet credited though the vendor stated they would

· Merchandise not received

· Merchandise returned

· Defective merchandise

· Altered charges

· Unrecognized charges


Report Lost One Card:

If your card is lost, first contact US Bank at 800-344-5696 to report the missing One Card. US Bank will ensure no fraudulent transactions have been charged to your account.

Immediately after reporting the lost One Card to US Bank, the cardholder should subsequently contact the Mines Credit Card Administrator via the One Card Services Form.

A new One Card will be issued and sent to the MAPS Office. You will be contacted when the new One Card is available for pickup.

The MAPS Office is located in Guggenheim Hall, Room 224.


Reconcile One Card Charges for Me:

Follow the prompts in the form and attach all necessary information.

Obtaining and attaching any necessary approvals accelerates process times.


The Mines One Card Services can be accessed by selecting the "Request One Card Service” button.

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