How to Create or Change a PERA 457

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What is it?

A 457b plan is a supplemental retirement plan for employees who meet eligibility criteria.

Who can use it?

Mines Faculty, Staff

Where to get it?

To sign up for a new Voya 457 account or to make changes to your existing PERA 457 account, please contact Voya at 800-759-7372, or by logging into your 457 account online.

How to use it?

All changes to a Voya 457 account must be made with Voya. 

Please note: Changes made are effective with the first payroll on or after the 1st of the following month.  These changes must be submitted by 2:30pm MST on the 25th of the month (or first business day after. If changes are submitted after the 25th of the month, you must wait until the subsiquent month's first payroll.)


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