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Cell Phone Allowance Request

This form is for employees who qualify to receive a monthly allowance to pay for cell phone usage.

Create a Travel Expense Report for me

Request a Travel Expense Report be created for you or someone else who has Chrome River access.

Create a Travel Pre-Approval (Authorization)

A report requesting pre-approval for a future trip.

Create Travel Expense (TE) Report For Me

A Travel Expense Form (TE) is used to request reimbursement for individuals not in the Chrome River system, this can be non-employees, undergraduate students and more. These reimbursements should only be for travel-related expenses. This is a request for MAPS to create and submit a TE for you.

Create Voucher Reimbursement Report

A Voucher Reimbursement Request (VR) is used to document non-travel expenses paid out of pocket and request reimbursement for individuals, not in the Chrome River system, this can be non-employees, undergraduate students and more.


Dependent Tuition Reduction

Dependents of eligible employees may attend the Colorado School of Mines at a reduced tuition rate.


Graduate Student Contract Submissions

MAPS is modifying the graduate student contract submission process. Select this service for more details.


How to Change or Segment Your Direct Deposit

Instructions and resources for changing or segmenting your payroll direct deposit accounts.

How to Create or Change a PERA 457

A 457b plan is a supplemental retirement plan for employees who meet eligibility criteria.

How to Submit or Change a W-4

How to make changes to your W-4 Withholding. Please note all employees must complete their W-4 in person at MAPS.


I am Experiencing Login or Access Issues with PageUp

Select the "Request Service" button to report your login or access issues in PageUp.

I Don't See What MAPS Service I Need / I Have a MAPS Request Not Listed

Use this service when you need to submit a request to either Mines Administrative Processing Services (MAPS) or ITS, but don't see a service listed in Mines Help Center that fits the description of the service that you require.


MAPS Forms Directory

Directory of forms used across all MAPS services.

MAPS Travel FAQ's | Will my travel be reimbursed if it was cancelled due to Coronavirus?

It depends. See following scenarios for answers & details.


One Card / Fuel Card Application Request

The Colorado School of Mines One Card is a Visa Procurement card issued through US Bank. The Mines fuel credit card, known as the University Fuel Card, is to be used only by authorized Departments to purchase fuel & minor vehicle repairs for Mines-owned vehicles.

ORA: Sponsored Research Index Journal Voucher

The Office of Research Administration is responsible for processing & supporting cost transfers (operating expense) as it relates to sponsored research projects. Please use this service ticket to submit Journal Voucher requests.


Participant Agreement and Payment Request

The Participant Agreement and Payment Request Form is used to communicate general information and specific eligibility requirements to participants receiving a stipend allowance payment and any other type of financial support through a sponsored program.

Pay an Invoice

Submit invoices that are ready to be paid.

Pay/Reimburse Mines

Reimburse the university for unspent funds, accidental One Card/ Chrome River charges, administrative errors, or other charges.


Reconcile One Card Charges for me in Chrome River

These reports are considered “Voucher/Procurement” in Chrome River and are used to document department expenditures paid for on a One Card.

Report Issue or Question with Leave Calendar

A service to report an issue or ask a question regarding the leave calendar or policies.

Report Issue or Question with Making a Payment to a Vendor or Person

Report Issue with Chrome River

Report Lost One Card

The required process to report a lost One Card.

Report Missing Timesheet in Trailhead

Request help for when your time-sheet in Trailhead is not visible.

Report Non-Editable Timesheet in Trailhead

Request help when you can see, but not edit your time sheet in Trailhead.

Report One Card Being Declined

Obtain an explanation and resolve your One Card declination.

Request a Non-Travel Reimbursement

Report used to document non-travel related out of pocket expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.

Request Adjustment to One Card

Some Cardholders have extenuating circumstances that require an adjustment to the standard One Card limits. Cardholders can request either general adjustments or an event exception.

Request Change to Leave Calendar

Change vacation days, sick days, or leave calendar approver.

Request Change to PERA 401k or Valic 403b

401(k) and 403b are retirement savings plans sponsored by Mines.

Request Employment Verification Letter

An employment verification letter is used to confirm a person's employment dates, salary, and job title.

Request for Chrome River / One Card Data

Request this service if you require an allocation table, list of outstanding items for an individual or department, or copies of processed Chrome River reports.

Request for Chrome River Access

Request this service for employees or graduate students who need to be activated or added to the Chrome River Software system.

Request Frosch Activation

Frosch is the Sanctioned Travel Agency for Mines

Request Individual Chrome River Training

Chrome River training specific to One Card or travel reconciliation.

Request to make Changes to Employees in Chrome River

Changes in Chrome River can be made to update delegates, approval delegates, "reports to," and/or have charges re-assigned when necessary.

Request Travel Authorization (Pre-Approval)

A Travel Authorization (TA) is a report requesting prior authorization for a future trip which help Mines secure funding for travel expenses.

Routing and Approval Process for ALL Academic Faculty Forms/Changes


Secure | MAPS Secure Document Uploads

Separation Notice

The Separation Notice provides necessary information to formally separate an employee from Mines.

Student Employee Evaluation Documents and EPAF Manual

Student Employee Evaluation and EPAF Manual - Student Performance Pay Increases

Submit "Voucher Request" for Processing

Submit a Completed Travel Expense (TE) Report

This service is to submit a Travel Expense Report (TE) that I have already created for myself or someone else.

Submit a NEW Undergraduate Student Contract

For departments to submit new undergraduate student contracts.

Submit a REVISION to an Existing Undergraduate Student Contract

For departments to submit revisions to undergraduate student contracts.

Submit Payroll Reallocation / Redistribution

Payroll Reallocation is used to specifically redistribute payroll charges for a specified pay period from one Index fund to another.

Submit Travel Authorization

A Travel Authorization (TA) is a pre-approval for future travel.


Travel and Reimbursement - FAQs | Ask a Question

Ask MAPS a Travel and Reimbursement related question, or review frequently asked Travel and Expense questions.


Undergraduate Student Contract Termination

Allows for a department to terminate a current undergraduate student position in the system.

University Gift Card and/or Merchandise Request

Gift cards are authorized only under certain conditions and can, therefore, be purchased by the MAPS department only through a Mines Help Center ticket request.


Vanpool Payroll Deduction | Commuter Choice Program

Employees who commute more than 15 miles to get to work can use vanpool, a low-cost program that provides vans, insurance and fuel for commuters to travel together to work.


W-9 / W-8BEN / W-8BEN-E Vendor Submission

Individuals and vendors are able to securely submit W-9 and W-8 information to Colorado School of Mines via the secure OnBase system.

Wire Transfer Request

Bank wire transfers are used almost exclusively for international payments.