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IT starts here! Connect with Information & Technology Solutions in the way you want to get your support: in-person, chat, phone, or right here via IT Service Desk, with a Service Request ticket.

Submit a purchase request to the SAIL office.

All access related requests can be submitted here.

Request to print a poster using one of ITS's large format poster plotter printers located in the Mines Service Center main office in CTLM 156.

2023-2024 Faculty and Staff Student Organization Advisors.

Something isn't working with a computer, peripheral, or a program.

Request help or feature support from Mines resident Canvas resources, which may include help from the Trefny Innovative Instruction Center as well as ITS.

Use this service to report unexpected interruptions or other issues with Banner.

Use this service when you need to submit an IT-related request, but don't see a service listed in Mines Help Center that fits the description of the service that you need from ITS.

ITS will provide you with one of our PC or Mac standard devices. If a standard device do not meet your needs, you will need to purchase a computer through your department.

Request new or different levels of access to Banner.

Access for Downloadable Software Products.

Report issues with wired or wireless network connections.

To submit general login questions or request login access for various Mines computing services. Such as, but not limited to: login access for Mines Help Center, login access for student employees, local admin login for desktops, Scantron scanning, Email Display Name Change.

For requesting Access to for Workday Users.

You may install software using this request for a new Software Install or upgrade.

Prior to purchasing or installing software, a review process is required to ensure that software used at Mines complies with a variety of Mines policies, requirements and best practices. Use this service to initiate that process. Please be prepared prior to starting the submission process, as the form requires specific pieces of information and can not be saved for retrieval and later edits.

Request a Network Port Activation.

Register an existing student organization for the 2023-2024 school year.

Request ITS installation of Adobe Software. Instructions for purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Creative Cloud.

Something is not working as expected with email. If you can't log into email, use the Login Issue service.
...Email, SPAM filtering, sending or receiving email, Outlook (or other email client program), aliases, distribution lists, etc.

Request support for use of the VMware Horizon virtual desktop.

Request something new or different in terms of email access or accounts.
Request help configuring an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail.
Request a new shared mailbox.