Research / High Performance Computing (HPC)

The purpose of the ITS Cyberinfrastructure and Advanced Research Computing (CIARC) group is to facilitate the computational and cyberinfrastructure components of Mines research, such that research goals are attained as efficiently as possible in order to enhance Mines research and achieve the vision of Mines@150 strategic plan.

Categories (1)

Consultation Request

Request a consultation service with the HPC or RSS teams

Services (8)

HPC: Application Installation Issue and Support

Request HPC application-related support, such as installation, version upgrades and troubleshooting.

HPC: Open OnDemand Support

Request support for issues when using the Open OnDemand interface to Wendian or Mio.

HPC: Project Allocation Request (PI Proposals)

Request initial access to Wendian and/or Mio for your research group's project. Proposal must be filled out by PI.  The purpose of proposals is to obtain information vital to Mines' continued support of on-premise HPC platforms and to verify grant tracking procedures.

HPC: User Access Request (Students, Researchers)

Request access to HPC platforms: Wendian and/or Mio. If you are a student, your request must be accompanied by written approval from your PI. If you are a visiting professional or returning student, please submit the Custom Role Authorization form, and state your need for HPC access.

HPC: General High Performance Computing Case

Use this service to request troubleshooting and support for issues not specified elsewhere in this category.

Research: New Orebits Share

Request the creation of a new Orebits Share

Research: Orebits Share Modification

Request a modification to an existing Orebits Share

Research: Visualization Consultation Request

Request assistance with visualization-related research needs. Including hardware and software accessibility, data wrangling, colormaps, scene, video and animation creation.