Institutional Data Reports, Research, Analytics and Surveys

Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics (IRSA) provides a variety of data services including data reports, research, analytics, surveys and data coaching to the both internal and external partners to support data driven decisions.

Services (7)

IRSA: Cognos Data Report

Request a new cognos report or submit a suggestion for updating a current report.

IRSA: Data Coaching Request

Request assistance with your data needs.

IRSA: Data Research and Analytics

Request a data research or analytics project based on a question you are trying to answer using data.

IRSA: External Public Request

If you are one of our external partners, please use this form to request information about Mines.

IRSA: QuestionPro Survey Request

Request assistance with using QuestionPro Survey tool or survey development.

IRSA: Survey Approval Request

Request an approval for a survey.

IRSA: Tableau Dashboard

Request a new dashboard or submit a suggestion for a current dashboard.