ITS provides support for maintenance and troubleshooting for PCs, smartphones, tablets, printers, and other peripherals. We can also assist you with virus and malware removal.

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Purchase Computers & Printers

Request a new purchase or support in making a technology purchase.

Services (7)

Urgent: Classroom Down

In the event of a computing problem affecting a class currently in session only, please call 2345 (303-384-2345) for fastest service.

Classroom Lab Issue

Something is broken or not working in a computer lab.

Configure New Computer

Let us set up and configure your new computer

Install a New Printer

Use this service to request support with shared network printers or directly connected personal printers

Computer Equipment Salvage Request

This service is for picking up old or unwanted computer equipment.

Hardware/Software Issue

Something isn't working with a computer, peripheral, or a program.

Digital Signage Issues

Report digital signage issues when something is not working the monitors, content players, or other distribution of streaming media. Including monitors not syncing, broadcasting, or displaying content properly or any other unexpected disruption to the content management software.