Email / Calendar

Email and calendar services are available to students, faculty, and staff while actively enrolled or employed at Mines. Services continue during summer breaks and periods that include study abroad, internships, sabbaticals, or extended leave.

Special arrangements may need to be made for semester or longer absences from campus, since enrollment or employment records may indicate an inactive status.

Services (9)

Login Issue

Having problems logging into a Mines computing service? (Trailhead, Email, Canvas, etc.)

NOTE: Trailhead access typically is not disabled (with email, ADIT, Canvas, etc.) after you leave Mines. Try logging in with your last known MultiPass password. If you are still having problems logging into Trailhead, use this service to report your problem.

If you are a returning user and need your Mines computing access re-enabled, please submit a "Returning User Request".

If you cannot recall your Mines username, please submit a "Forgot Username Request".

Email Issue

Something is not working as expected with email. If you can't log into email, use the Login Issue service.
...Email, SPAM filtering, sending or receiving email, Outlook (or other email client program), aliases, distribution lists, etc.

Email Request

Request something new or different in terms of email access or accounts.
Request help configuring an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail.
Request a new shared mailbox.

Calendar Issue

Submit an issue regarding an existing Exchange or Office 365 calendar.

Calendar Request

Submit a request for a new shared calendar or to add people to an existing shared calendar.

Exchange Email Distribution Group Request

Service for requesting a new Exchange Distribution group. If you need to request multiple groups then please request one distribution group per service request. Please do not request a distribution group that will only nest other distribution groups.

Phishing Issue

Report messages trying to steal your information or identity. (Do NOT use for general SPAM reporting)

Alumni Email Access Request For Previous Graduates

Alumni Email Access request for alumna/alumnus who do not currently have Mines email access.
Recent/upcoming graduates who have active Mines email access: follow the process detailed in the Alumni Email offer email that was sent to your Mines email address.

Alumni Email Password Reset

This service is for people with an Alumni license who have forgotten their password and need it reset.