Logins & User Accounts

Computing accounts are available to all Mines students, faculty, and staff while they are actively enrolled or employed at the university. These services continue during summer breaks and over other periods that may include normal school holidays, study abroad, internships, sabbaticals or extended leave. Special arrangements may need to be made during the semester or longer absences from campus, or any time official records may indicate inactive employment or academic status.

Services (6)

Accounts, Passwords & Access

All access related requests can be submitted here.

Administrative Privilege Request

This service provides a way to request administrative privileges to a Mines-owned computer or device.

Computing Account Termination Request

Supervisors may facilitate disabling Mines computing account access for a separated employee, or an employee who is changing to a new job and/or department within Mines. The request may include instructions for things such as: (a) access to files, email messages, voicemail messages; (b) what to do with future email messages (e.g., send an "away" message to senders); (c) how to reassign the telephone extension; etc.

Username Change Request

ITS processes username changes for members of the Mines community who have had a legal name change. (A username change after a name change is not required, nor is it automatic.) Username changes for people who have not had a legal name change -- that is, special or extenuating circumstances -- are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Alumni E-mail Access Request For Previous Graduates

Alumni Email Access request for alumna/alumnus who do not currently have Mines email access.
Recent/upcoming graduates who have active Mines email access: follow the process detailed in the Alumni Email offer email that was sent to your Mines email address.

New User Orientation

For users who are new to the university, in a new role, or they receive a new workstation, you may request assistance connecting to core Mines technical resources. Please submit this request at least a week in advance. A User Support team member will work with you to schedule a time at your convenience to conduct an orientation session either at your deskside or virtually via remote control. The duration is generally 20 minutes.