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Services or Offerings?
The Mines Registrar's office can help with needs regarding Faculty Services in Banner.

Request new or different levels of access to Banner.

Use this service to report unexpected interruptions or other issues with Banner.

Request projects to enhance or maintain Banner usability and functionality

Use this service to report difficulties or unexpected behaviors with a 3rd party integration feed from banner.

Request an exchange (or feed) of data/integration with Banner and another application for the purposes of populating data.

Service for removing an errant duplicate CWID from Banner and other Mines' systems.

Report a Trailhead issue.

Use this service for employees who will be changing positions or transferring departments at Mines and need to have their account access changed to correspond with their new role, while also ensuring the access previously in place is removed, if appropriate.

Service for New Mines Community Members that establishes Mines Multipass Account, which includes the username and password to log into most Mines systems. Use this service to report problems running account claim, to ask for your "account claim window" to be extended, or to ask about alternate usernames than are presented during account claim.

Use this service to place Document Management configuration requests for OnBase by Hyland (formerly BDM). Note that Access requests are submitted using the separate OBase Access Request service.

Suggest a new feature or portlet to be added to Trailhead.

Supervisors may facilitate disabling Mines computing account access for a separated employee, or an employee who is changing to a new job and/or department within Mines. The request may include instructions for things such as: (a) access to files, email messages, voicemail messages; (b) what to do with future email messages (e.g., send an "away" message to senders); (c) how to reassign the telephone extension; etc.