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Request a new web application or a change/addition to an existing web application to function within the Mines online environment.

Use to create https secure web pages

Report an issue with a web application such as: Career Day Registration applications, Daily Blast, Excused Absence Reporting, Online Directory Search, Online PDF Directories, Pandemic Flu Reporting, Student Clearinghouse, Vacation/Sick Leave Reporting.

Report Issue using the Zoom video conferencing platform on campus.

Suggest or request a new feature to be added to the Mines web site.

Report a Mines Website issue.

Report an issue with the Mines Mobile App -- The 'M'.

Something is not working with a Microsoft Office product or Office365. Make sure to login as and not

Request Oreprint Services or Supplies.

Report messages trying to steal your information or identity. (Do NOT use for general SPAM reporting)

You do not need to request a Pro license for your Zoom account - Pro licenses are automatically applied after proper login.

Ask Zoom-related questions or request a specific Zoom set-up.

Report Networking Access or Connection Issue.

Submit an issue regarding an existing Exchange or Office 365 calendar.

Report a Trailhead issue.

Use this service to report an issue with Microsoft Azure Dev Tools (Formerly Imagine) or VMAP. The Mines subscription gives students access to download select academic Microsoft software applications for free or at a reduced cost.