Cognos is the Mines reporting tool for Student, Finance, Human Resource, Financial Aid, and Institutional Reporting data. Reports are written from the Operational Data Store (ODS) which contains Banner and Cayuse data.

Services (6)

Cognos Access Request

Request new or modified Cognos access using this service.

Cognos Enhancement/Management Request

Request an enhancement or report a problem with a Cognos report.

Cognos Issue

Request Support for unexpected interruptions experienced with Cognos reporting using this service.

IRSA: Cognos Data Report

Request a new cognos report or submit a suggestion for updating a current report.

ODS Integration Issue

Using this service and its associated form, you can report unplanned interruptions you may experience with an existing data integration with another 3rd party platform that sends or receives ODS information.

ODS Integration Request

Request ODS integration with another 3rd party application using this service.