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Accommodations in Canvas for Students with Disabilities

Instructions for providing accommodations in Canvas, including extra time on quizzes and assignments.

Canvas: Course Term Visibility and Availability Schedule

Schedule of when upcoming and prior Canvas courses are available to access.

Canvas: How to Extended Access for Incompletes

Extending Canvas course access for student incompletes

Canvas: Rich Content Editor Instructions

A new Rich Content Editor (RCE) will replace the existing content editor in Canvas on December 22, 2020.

Canvas: Where do I find more information about using Canvas?

This article aggregates Mines-specific documentation for common Canvas questions and issues. It adds to the KB a searchable collection of links from the Online Resources at Mines course in Canvas.

Gradescope Bubble Sheet Assignment

This article shares specific steps to setting up and utilizing Gradescope bubble sheet assessments to help faculty and teaching assistants get started, in their Canvas courses.

Gradescope Bubblesheet Quickstart Guide

How to get up and running quickly using Gradescope

Gradescope: Full-Service Instructor Guide

This article provides an overview of what Gradescope is and why instructors should use Gradescope. It includes Instructor getting started info as well as additional resource options for getting help.

How to submit grades directly from Canvas into Banner

Steps for teachers to enter grade information into Canvas and send the grades to Banner.

Using Canvas to verify academically related activity for financial aid reporting

Using Canvas to help verify academically related activity for financial aid reporting