Canvas: Course Term Visibility and Availability Schedule

The availability/visibility of Canvas courses for current, prior and upcoming semesters are set according to the following schedule:

Canvas term runs from: start and end date on the official Registrar's calendar

Students can access: 1 week prior to official term start date and 1 week after official term end date1,2,3

Instructors can access: 2 weeks before priority registration begins and 3 months after official term end date

Teaching Assistants can access: 1 month prior and 1 week after the official term start and end dates4

  1. Student access to Canvas courses are still dependent on the course being published by the instructor. However, if a course is published prior to the term access date for students, the students will be able to view content but not fully participate (i.e. submit assignments or post to discussions) in the course.
  2. In addition to term dates, Canvas course dates can be adjusted to supersede term dates and allow or restrict student access earlier or later than default term dates. 
  3. Extended Canvas access for students finishing work for an incomplete is available upon request.
  4. TAs will need to be manually added to a Canvas courses by the instructor. TAs added before the TA access date cannot see or access the course.


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