Gradescope Bubblesheet Quickstart Guide

Instructors and students can get started with Gradescope’s bubble sheet assessments immediately:

  • Provide students with printed copies of the Gradescope bubble sheet on standard 8.5” by 11” paper.
    • Copies of the Gradescope bubble sheet are available for Instructors to request and pick up  at the Mines Service Center (MSC) located in CTLM 156.
  • Ensure that students legibly write their first and last name in the Name box and their campus-wide ID (CWID) number in the ID box.
    • Section, Date and Other fields are optional. Instructors may want students to enter their section information, TA or other information to make collating and grading easier after the exam.
    • If you are utilizing multiple versions of the exam, make sure students are aware of the version they are completing (A, B, C, D or E) and ensure they fill in the appropriate bubble for their version.

Bubble Sheet Example with Explanation of Fields

  • Collect completed bubble sheets and review the detailed instructor guide when you're ready to grade.



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