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ITS supports on-campus learning environments as well as online collaboration and learning tools.

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MediaSpace Video Platform

MediaSpace is the platform for creating, uploading and sharing videos and other media at Mines.

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Cloud VDI

Accessing Your Cloud Virtual Desktop for the First Time

Educational Technology Faculty Training

Educational Technology Training Opportunities for Mines faculty

Frequently asked questions about the Canvas integration with the Mines mobile app ("The M")

Frequently asked questions about the Canvas integration with "The M"

Importing the Mines Midcourse Feedback Survey into your Canvas course(s)

The Faculty Senate Task Force on the Evaluation of Teaching has created a brief Canvas survey that instructors can use to collect midcourse feedback from students about the course.

Instructions for hosting a Zoom session in Bunker Hall

How to guide for conducting Live Lecture Capture in Bunker Hall with equipement including a webcam, document camera, and a laptop.

Live Lecture Capture (LLC) Guide

Use this article to find out information on Live Lecture Capture within the Mines classrooms. Step-by-step instructions include:
Basic Instructions, Detailed Instructions, Uploading Zoom Recording to Canvas, Using the Document Camera, Using my own computer, Sharing my screen, Troubleshooting

Microsoft Stream Video Platform

Use this o365 application to upload videos and share with everyone in your organization or choose only specific individuals who can contribute.

Mines Virtual Labs Virtual Desktop Explanation and Installation

This article answers these questions: What is a Virtual Desktop? Why is a Virtual Desktop valuable? Also included in the article is a set of instructions that a user can follow based on the operating system.

MineSight crashes during launch

MineSight crashes during launch. Delete the "vgalusr8.vr" startup file to resolve.

Minitab logins on classroom lab computers and desktops

Minitab licensing on classroom lab computers

Performance Issues with ArcGIS Desktop 10.x (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, etc.)

When creating a new map in ArcMap and attempting to open the Toolboxes menu, the application freezes for 5 to 10 minutes. This is a known issue. The solution is contained in this KB article.

Tech Fee Committee Proposal Review, Questions & Answer Instructions

Tech Fee committee members instructions of how to review proposals using the OnBase Tech Fee tool. Instructions include how to ask questions about each proposal.

Using Generative AI tools with your Mines account

Learn how to access generative AI tools with your Mines account or request a software review for new AI tools

Using Zoom in Canvas - Instructor Guide

Instructor guide for accessing and using Zoom integrated in Canvas

VDI Installation Instructions: Mac 10.14

A step-by-step tutorial on how to download the Virtual Desktop Interface complete with video and screen shots.

VDI Installation Instructions: Windows 10

Step by step tutorial to download the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) for a Windows 10 PC complete with a help video and screen shots.

Virtual Labs - Student Instructions *Outdated*

How to register, connect, use, and disconnect from the Azure VDI Infrastructure. This article is for all students using the Azure Classroom Labs.

What is HDCP? Why won't my iPad work in the classrooms with two projectors?

HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, a copy-protection scheme designed to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data midstream between the source to the display. The format designed by Intel and licensed by Digital Content Protection, LLC uses an authentication-and-key-exchange procedure before video and audio is presented.

How To Launch And Configure SimaPro

Steps/screen shots showing how to configure SimaPro on launch.

"An app default was reset" pop-up messages appear after logging on to classroom computers

After logging on to classroom computers, you might see numerous pop-up messages stating "An app default was reset". Here is how to resolve the issue.

Mastercam 2019 fails to load

Mastercam may fail to load due to SOLIDWORKS CAM Add-in being active, due to CodeMeter Runtime prompting for a password, or due to Mastercam licensing settings needing to be refreshed. Here is how to troubleshoot these issues.