iClicker: Single Sign-On Access to iClicker Account

Step One:

Go to the iClicker Login page and open the Select an Institution drop down menu.

Note: There are different Login pages for Students and Instructors. Use the URL listed below:
*Students using the mobile app will need to log out and log back in before following these steps.

Step Two:

Select Colorado School of Mines and click Go.

Step Three:

If you have not previously logged into your Okta account, you will be prompted to enter your credentials.


Step Four:

If you have previously set up an iClicker account, skip to Step Five. 

iClicker will ask whether you have an account using a different email, select the No option to start setting up your new iClicker account.

Confirm the account information that appears on the next screen and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to complete account creation.


Step Five:

Option 1: Linking your official school account

If you had previously created your iclicker account with your Mines email address, you will be prompted to enter your iClicker password to link your account. 

Option 2: Linking a non-official/personal account

If you had initially created your iclicker account with a personal email address, you’ll be asked to link your existing iClicker account with your campus login. This will allow you to merge all class data into one account.

When iClicker asks whether you have an account using a different email, select the Yes option.

Enter the email and password for the iClicker account you’d like to link. Review the details and click Link Accounts to associate your existing iClicker account with your campus login.

Note: If you can’t remember your iClicker password, click Forgot Password? on the main iClicker student login page to reset it.


Step Six: 

Register your iClicker Remote ID, and click Save.

If you have previously registered an iClicker remote, click Skip this Step.


If you continue to have trouble accessing iClicker, submit a Canvas Request form.




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