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A list of all software existing at Mines, alphabetized by title.
ITS provided & recommended copy & print services.
Migrate your Viscosity or VPN client to Global Protect today
How to use our new MFP fleet, as provided by Xerox
Summary of actions necessary for ITS managed Mac/Windows computers and the upgrade to the GlobalProtect VPN from Viscosity.
Administered by Human Resources, Percipio (formerly known as Skillsoft offers thousands of courses, videos, and books at no fee for active Mines faculty, staff, and students. Learn more.
A new Rich Content Editor (RCE) will replace the existing content editor in Canvas on December 22, 2020.
Schedule of when upcoming and prior Canvas courses are available to access.
Extending Canvas course access for student incompletes
MyMail forwarding
mymail exchange migration faq
Most Mines students receive their email through what is called a "MyMail" account. When a student leaves Mines, his or her MyMail account will very quickly go away. This article provides basic instruction and guidelines on how to retain MyMail email and export it to another email program or account before graduation.
Red flags of the Staff & Faculty July 2021 Phishing test.
This article addresses a specific to Google Chrome in Windows 10, where links should open in a new window but appear either too small or show up minimized
An overview of Apple Macintosh Start-up key combinations for troubleshooting
Frequently asked questions about the Canvas integration with "The M"
Instructions to install the updated Microsoft Defender ATP for Endpoints on a personal pc computer.
Instructions to install the antivirus software Microsoft Defender ATP for Endpoints on a personal Mac computer.