How to submit grades directly from Canvas into Banner


When grade loading is opened by the Registrar’s office, instructors can enter grade information into Canvas and send the grades to Banner. This process is being offered as an alternate method of grading loading in addition to the existing Banner grade-entry option. The steps below explain how to perform this process.

  1. Log into Canvas.
  2. Navigate to the course requiring grade entry.
  3. Ensure grading schemes are enabled and the correct grading scheme is selected or set.
  4. Select "Submit Grades to Banner" from the course navigation menu.
    Submit grades to banner Canvas course link
  5. Select the grade period tab (i.e., Midterm or Final).
  6. If you are using the Canvas gradebook, the current total grade from the Canvas gradebook will be displayed in the "Current Grade" column and the Final or Midterm Grade column is pre-populated with the associated letter grade from the Canvas gradebook. You may leave the pre-populated letter grade OR manually enter/update the final or midterm letter grade for each student. Teachers can adjust the grading schema in their Canvas courses to accommodate unique grading schemes. Note: if the student receives an “F” or “Incomplete,” then the Last Attendance Date field must be populated.

Canvas to Banner grade load window example

  1. Once grades have been entered in the Midterm or Final Grade column, select the ‘Submit’ button. A confirmation message will appear, and grades successfully submitted to Banner will be indicated by the “Submitted” check boxes for each student will appear.
  2. If you need to change a grade, you may access the grading page again and update grades as needed until grades are locked/rolled by the Registrar’s office.
  3. Have questions about official midterm or final grading?  Please review the Registrar's faculty grading page.
  4. Have questions about the Canvas "Submit Grades to Banner" tool? Please submit a help desk request.


Known Issues

  • The "Submit Grades to Banner" tool may fail to load and display an error when using the Safari web browser.
  • In certain instances where Canvas course sections were cross-listed with additional sections, grade loading may not be possible via Canvas.



  • Do students see the “Submit Grades to Banner” course link? 
    • No, only course users with administrative access can see this link. This includes the following roles, “Teacher”, “Instructor” and “TA”. 
  • Do I have to submit grades using the Canvas-to-Banner grading? 
  • Can TAs or co-instructors load midterm or final grades via the Canvas-to-Banner grading page? 
    • No, only the instructor of record listed in Banner (accessed through Trailhead) can successfully submit grades using this tool. Although, the course link is visible to all instructors, teachers and TAs in the course. 
  • Does the Canvas-to-Banner grading feature automatically push/load grades to Banner? 
    • No, grades are not automatically loaded. The instructor of record must enter and submit grades. 
  • Does the Canvas-to-Banner grading page take the place of the Canvas gradebook? 
    • No, the “Submit Grades to Banner” grade page is separate and unique from the Canvas gradebook. Canvas courses will contain both: 
      • The standard Canvas Gradebook is provided as part of Canvas and will continue to be used for assignments, quizzes, etc.  
      • The Canvas-to-Banner grading page is where teachers may choose to submit grades to Banner only. 
  • When can I submit grades using the Canvas-to-Banner grading page? 
    • Grade loading time lines follow the regular grade loading time lines outlined on the academic calendar
  • Can I get training on using the Canvas gradebook? 
  • Can I adjust the Canvas grading scheme for S/U midterm grading or for a unique grading situation?
  • I have a question regarding midterm or final grading, who do i contact?


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