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What is Proctorio and how does it work?

Proctorio is an automated exam integrity and proctoring solution used in some courses at Mines. Depending on the specific settings selected by a particular instructor, Proctorio can lock down a test-taker’s browser and/or record the screen, webcam, and microphone during an exam in Canvas. Exam recordings are evaluated automatically by Proctorio to generate a report for each proctored student. These reports and recordings are shared with the instructor who can review the information and determine if any misconduct has taken place.

Why is Proctorio being used?

Proctorio was adopted at Mines to help ensure exam integrity and promote a fair and honest experience for all students. Proctorio is primarily used in circumstances where an alternative assessment cannot be created or where synchronous or in-person exams are not feasible.

Why is my instructor requiring the use of Proctorio?

Mines instructors may elect to use Proctorio in a particular course. Proctoring solutions are generally used in two scenarios:

  • When an alternate assessment cannot be designed and testing for knowledge of foundational concepts is a critical outcome of the exam/assessment.

  • When an instructor feels that it’s appropriate to create a fair testing environment where students who work honestly are rewarded while disincentivizing and discouraging students who may decide to cheat. In a remote or hybrid course, some students may be proctored in person as they take an exam while distant students may use Proctorio.

What are the technical requirements to use Proctorio?

Minimum system and network requirements are available at Instructors may choose not to record webcam video or microphone audio and students are encouraged to contact their instructor for clarification. In addition, instructors are encouraged to set up a Proctorio practice exam to ensure students have clear notice and understanding of requirements for each course. 

I need to use Proctorio for a course, how do i get started?

Always check with your instructor on specific instructions and details for Proctorio use in specific course. Students can also review the Proctorio getting-started guide at

What information does Proctorio have access to or collect?

Depending on the specific settings an instructor selects when configuring Proctorio for the course and exam, the Proctorio Chrome extension may access and record the following items while the student is actively taking the exam:

  • webcam video of a student and his/her test environment (room in which exam is being taken)

  • microphone audio of the student in his/her test environment

  • recording of the computer screen

  • recording the web traffic of the student’s computer

  • detect the number of computer monitors attached to the computer

  • Image capture of photo ID

  • Computer IP address and approximate geolocation

  • Browser information (number of tabs or windows open, browser size)

Is the Proctorio Chrome extension safe to use?

Yes, the Proctorio chrome extension has been audited to ensure it is safe and secure. The Proctorio extension is only active when accessing a proctored exam in Canvas and can be uninstalled by students after a proctored exam is complete. Additional details about the access permissions the Proctorio extension requires when installing in Chrome are further explained in the overview section on the Chrome web store or on their privacy page.

How is my privacy and security protected?

Proctorio has implemented several technical and procedural steps to ensure the security and privacy of students using Proctorio:

  • Verified FERPA and GDPR complaint

  • Transmission into the datacenter is only over TLS 1.2 or 1.3

  • Data at rest within the data center is encrypted using AES-256 and is FIPS 140-2

    compliant. All data centers are ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 attested.

  • Zero-knowledge layer is secured using AES-GCM, using encryption keys never shared with Proctorio.

  • Only the instructor(s) and Mines Canvas administrators have access to any recordings, no one at Proctorio has access.

  • No data is shared or sold to third parties.

In addition, Proctorio has been evaluated by Mines to ensure that it meet all applicable policies, laws and best practices regarding privacy and security. Additional information about Proctorio’s privacy and security are available at and

How is Proctorio used to decide if cheating took place?

Similar to an in-class exam, instructors are responsible to determine if academic misconduct took place in their exam. Instead of monitoring students in real-time, instructors may review and evaluate the Proctorio recording and report data to decide if misconduct took place. As with all potential academic misconduct concerns, the policies and procedures regarding academic integrity/misconduct still apply.

Is Proctorio accessible?

Yes, Proctorio meets accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508) and works with screen reader technologies. More information about Proctorio’s accessibility is available at

I don’t want my instructor to see my bedroom. What do I do?

If concerned with visibility of specific room or area, it is recommended students consider taking their exams in a neutral location in their residence such as a kitchen or dining room instead of a bedroom. In addition, it is recommended to take an exam where students will not be distracted or disrupted during the exam.

I live with roommates, will I get flagged for them making noise or being visible in the recording?

If a student takes a proctored exam in a location where others are visible or audible, it is possible that Proctorio will automatically flag these disturbances for the instructor to review. If a student anticipates that a private and quiet location is not available when taking an exam, it is recommended that students discuss these concerns with their instructor before the exam. Instructors can customize the exam settings or make accommodations based on the student’s circumstances.

Does Proctorio collect biometric information?

No, Proctorio does not collect biometric information. Biometrics are physical or human characteristics that can be used to uniquely identify a person. While Proctorio uses facial recognition technology, the specific features used are not capturing keystroke fingerprints, eye tracking, facial features, digital images (used for comparison or automated authentication), or features to identify unique behavioral characteristics. They are also not processing photos or video images with the purpose of identifying other sensitive information like health or ethnicity. Proctorio does store the video and audio recordings of test takers, which by itself doesn’t trigger biometric data. With zero-knowledge encryption these recordings are rendered useless and inaccessible to anyone other than the instructor or approved individuals at Mines.

How do I know Proctorio will work for me when I take my quiz/exam?

Mines instructors who have adopted Proctorio in their courses are encouraged to offer a proctored practice exam prior to any for-credit exam or quiz. The practice exam proctoring settings will match the settings offered for the for-credit exam allowing the student to test and experience Proctorio before their exam. In addition, Proctorio offers live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available to assist if a student needs technical assistance.

How long is my Proctorio recording data kept?

Data recorded by Proctorio is kept for 30 days and then deleted.

Where do I go if I want to understand my Privacy Rights?

Mines Privacy Statement can be accessed at Otherwise, questions can be emailed to the Mines’ Privacy Officer at

For those located in the European Economic Union, GDPR rights may apply. Details can be found at

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