Microsoft Stream Video Platform

This article gives a basic overview of what Microsoft Streams offers and how to get started viewing, uploading, and sharing videos using the platform.

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a way to create your very own video site for your organization or group. The application is included in your Mines Office365 subscription and thus makes an ideal place to share videos only your group should watch or even air an event live.


Getting Started:

Since Microsoft Stream is an application within your Office365 environment already, getting started is easy using the same familiar link that you might use to check your Outlook email on the web or download other Office applications. Once you have logged in to using your Mines username and password, simply look for the "Stream" Icon as pictured below (click image to enlarge).

Microsoft Office365 Applications


Uploading Videos Using Microsoft Stream:

.Video: How to Upload Videos Using Stream


More Information from Microsoft's Training Center



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