MineSight crashes during launch

When launching MineSight, you might see an error message such as this:

It is possible that the MineSight startup file is corrupted.  On the classroom lab computers, this file is located at:

Z:\vgalusr8.vr  or \\home.mines.edu\home\<username>\vgalusr8.vr

To resolve the issue:

1. Open Windows explorer and browse to Z:
2. Locate the file named "vgalusr8.vr"
3. Right-click on the file and select Copy, then type CTRL+V, or click the "Paste" button in Windows Explorer.
4. This should create a copy of the file, named "vgalusr8 - Copy.vr"
5. Right-click on the "vgalusr8.vr" and select Delete.

If MineSight continues to crash after deleting this file, please submit a Mines Help Center request.


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Wed 10/6/21 9:19 AM
Thu 10/7/21 10:31 AM