Microsoft Office applications will not launch and display an error message giving the option to Close or Debug

Please try closing out of all Microsoft Office applications, then try resetting your Microsoft Office settings by running this script:

1) Browse to Departmental Shares (Y:)\Common\Self-Help\Reset Microsoft Office Settings
2) Double-click "Reset Microsoft Office Settings.bat"
3) Follow the directions in the Command window

If Word/Excel/PowerPoint still will not work after running the script, then we will try resetting your profile on the server. In order to do so, you'll need to be logged off of the classroom computers. Please let us know when you'll be logged off (by submitting a Mines Help Center service request), and we will reset your profile then.


Article ID: 72388
Thu 2/21/19 11:11 AM
Mon 3/16/20 10:58 PM