Instructions for hosting a Zoom session in Bunker Hall


The following steps guide an instructor through the steps necessary to initiate and run a Zoom session in Bunker Hall while capturing the lecturer’s presentation using the webcam and document cameras.


Items in use:

  • Laptop with two available USB ports if you’ll be using both the webcam and the document camera
  • Zoom meeting already scheduled using Zoom (there’s an invitation with a Zoom link)
  • Webcam
  • Document camera


Steps to set up and run your Zoom session in Bunker Hall

1) Choose your Presentation Device:

Option 1 (Simpler) - Using the Laptop provided in the room.

A) Log in to the computer using your Mines Multipass credentials

Option 2 - Using your own laptop.

A) Place your laptop on the podium

B) Plug in the following cables:

  1. Webcam – plug the USB cable from the webcam into the laptop (NOTE: no additional device configuration is necessary, most modern operating systems have the necessary drivers built-in)

  2. Document camera – plug the USB cable from the Document camera into the laptop (NOTE: no additional device  configuration is necessary, most modern operating systems have the necessary drivers built-in)

  3. HDMI cable for the projector – plug in the available HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the laptop. NOTE: You may need to use your laptop controls to switch the video to the projector. On Windows laptops, Windows key (W)-P switches your video from internal to external or both.


2) After you have a laptop connected (using either option above):

  1. Initiate your Zoom session by starting Zoom and clicking on your scheduled meeting or clicking on the Zoom link in the invitation.
  2. Once your Zoom session begins, it will automatically begin recording the session. An audio announcement will remind you the recording has begun. This is announced to each attendee as well.
  3. Check your video settings using the Start Video button. Clicking the small arrow next to Start Video displays your camera options which should include the following selections:
    • the laptop’s built-in camera (if available)
    • the external webcam, and 
    • the document camera (if you plugged it in). 
    • NOTE: the computer will automatically name the devices with an intuitive name so they can be identified.
  4. Check your audio settings. NOTE: the room microphone and speaker system is not integrated into the computer now, so you will need to use either the laptop’s built-in in microphone or (recommended) the webcam’s microphone. This can be selected using the Mute button and the small up arrow next to it to switch between your microphone choices.
  5. To improve the audio capabilities of the in-room audience participants, we recommend suggesting they join the Zoom session via their mobile devices when they want to ask questions. This will enable them to ask questions and the Zoom participants can hear the questions. 


3) Begin your session:

  1. Your voice is being recorded by Zoom using the webcam microphone (preferred) or your laptop microphone (optional).
  2. Your image is being recorded by the webcam.
  3. You are presenting either by sharing your desktop, your image on the webcam, or the document camera depending on your video selection in Zoom (refer to step 2c).

4) When you are finished:

  1. click Stop Recording to end the recording. 
  2. Click End Meeting to end the meeting for everyone.
  3. About 15 minutes after you’ve ended the meeting, you’ll receive an email from Zoom with a link to the recording.


If you have any questions or issues, please visit Mines Help Center ( or call (303)384-2345.


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