Performance Issues with ArcGIS Desktop 10.x (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, etc.)


When creating a new map in ArcMap and attempting to open the Toolboxes menu, the application freezes for 5 to 10 minutes.

This is a known issue per and the solution is to "Create connections to directories containing data on the network at the lowest level possible."

On the classroom lab computers, the default geodatabase for new maps is "Z:\adit\My Documents\ArcGIS\Default.gdb" as shown here:

Mapping a new network drive to the folder containing Default.gdb may resolve the issue.


Create a new mapped network drive to the directly to the "Z:\adit\My Documents\ArcGIS" folder via the following method:

  • Close ArcMap
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Right-click on This PC and select "Map Network Drive..."
  • In the Map Network Drive dialog, next to Drive:, select a drive letter that is not in use, such as X:.  Do not use I:, P:, S:, Y:, or Z:, as these are already in use by ADIT computers
  • In the Map Network Drive dialog, next to Folder:, type in the following, replacing <username> with your ADIT username:

\\\home\<username>\adit\My Documents\ArcGIS

  • Ensure "Reconnect at sign-in" is checked
  • Click Finish
  • Close Windows Explorer
  • Open ArcMap
  • In the "Default geodatabase for this map" section, where "Z:\adit\My Documents\ArcGIS\Default.gdb" is indicated, replace "Z:\adit\My Documents\ArcGIS" with "X:" so that "X:\Default.gdb" is indicated.  If you chose a different mapped drive letter, use that instead

  • Click OK
  • Now when attempting to open the Toolboxes menu, it should open in 10 to 20 seconds instead of 5 to 10 minutes

Note: The mapped network drive should persist across logoff / logon sessions, until you change your password.  After changing your password, you may need to remap or reconnect the drive.

For additional information on Mapped Network Drives, please refer to




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